00111 The Power of Blessing
00111 The Power of Blessing
No. 00111
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 1986.10.01
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 1h03m56s
Publication No. / "The Immediate Key of Enlightenment", Chinese version(vol.6)
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  • Summary

The blessing power of an enlightened Master should be kept in our bag, to be used for ourselves alone, and not to be leaked or hidden away. It should be digested. If you speak about it in public, it means that you cannot digest this power. Talking about your inner experiences will create a lot of maya hindrances for you. If you have any good experiences, you can write them down. Or you can talk to Master if you cannot digest them.

You should still practice diligently and not rely completely on Master's power. Otherwise it is not nutritious for you , nor is it fair.. Spiritual practice is not only for our own good; we should think about all beings and this world and share our spiritual energy with them.

If you learn with Master, you should become a Buddha and be liberated from life and death in one lifetime. You should cleanse the karma you have accumulated life after life, including your fixed karma, in just one lifetime. Therefore, you will change very, very fast, so fast that sometimes you cannot bear it. But this is how it should be, because we have to cleanse the karma we have accumulated life after life, cleanse our fixed karma and new karma that is created each day. With so much karma to be cleansed, how can we not work fast?


  1. Some people cannot bear it if Master gives them too much blessing. What will happen then?
  2. Sometimes an initiate becomes ill because Master power is giving us a warning. What is it that we should be cautious of ?
  3. If we do not practice spiritually and only keep praying for Master’s help, will it benefit our own spiritual practice even if Master does help?
  4. Why can’t some people receive blessing from great Masters?
  5. After we are initiated, why do we no longer need to worship at temples, seek help from gods or fortunetellers, or inquire about our destiny?
  6. To be enlightened is a very simple thing, but most people are used to reading scriptures or practicing Zen. What obstacle does this cause in our spiritual practice?
  7. Why are we in the cycle of birth and death? When we are born as humans, if we do the best deeds and earn the biggest merits, can we escape the cycle of birth and death?
  8. Can spiritual practitioners change their own future? Can we change our fixed karma with the power of our spiritual practice?
  9. Each time we are born, we are unable to see our past. Why is this a blessing for us and an act of mercy from creation?
  10. If we can’t change our habits or get rid of influences from our past lives by ourselves, how can we attain Buddhahood?
  11. Shakyamuni Buddha did many good deeds in His past lives. He gave charity, observed precepts, and practiced patience, etc. He was a great philanthropist, giving out many things, yet He still had to be reincarnated life after life. In His last lifetime, however, He enjoyed worldly life every day, yet He attained Buddhahood. Why?
  12. The Sixth Zen Master Huineng did not recite the sutras, worship the Buddha, or practice any complicated spiritual method. Why was He able to gain enlightenment and attain Buddhahood immediately?
  13. After initiation, we should meditate and practice more. Do children also need to practice more after initiation?
  14. Given our busy life, can we make progress in spiritual practice and elevate our spiritual level by constantly reciting the Buddha’s names in place of meditation?
  15. When we are meditating, how can we avoid being disturbed by others? What is the best time for meditation?