00283B To Practice The Quan Yin Method Is the Safest Way
00283B To Practice The Quan Yin Method Is the Safest Way
No. 00283B
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 1987.09.27
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Matou, Tainan
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 1h34m21s
Publication No. / CD-CE13
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  • Summary

Every human, animal, and being is illuminated by the Buddha light and enveloped by the power of great compassion. Therefore, we are all brothers and sisters. Each country is like one individual room, one here and one there. If we own the big mansion in which we live, then can't we freely run through all the rooms in our mansion? We wouldn't feel that Shakyamuni Buddha is Indian; we are all "earthlings". There wouldn't be so many wars if every country understood this principle.

I hope that one day we will all become "earthlings". The more people that practice the Quan Yin Method, the more "earthlings" there will be. It is safest if we practice spiritually. Safety doesn't come from having many armies or insurance in the bank because even if we have a lot of money in the insured bank, that money can't help ease our sufferings when we leave this world. The moment when one leaves this world is the most painful, except for initiates. The initiates have the best insurance certificate ever.


  1. Will it be helpful to have monks recite sutras and Buddha’s names when one passes away? If we ourselves do not practice spiritually, can others eliminate bad karma for us?
  2. Why is it said that to rely on Master is to rely on ourselves? Does following Master mean learning from our own Buddha nature and the highest power?
  3. How can reciting Buddha’s names be helpful? Can the Buddha imagined by our mind save ordinary beings like us?
  4. Initiation is the best and free insurance. Can all initiates know their date of death in advance?
  5. Most initiates have experiences, while very few don't have. What is the reason?
  6. Where does the Quan Yin Method come from? How were Masters' teachings transformed into different religions?
  7. Why did Lao-Tzu say "My Way is the simplest one. Everyone can reach it but very few people made it"? How can one become Bodhisattva of the highest status?
  8. Is everything in the universe our brothers and sisters? What does "Buddha light illuminating all" mean?
  9. What is real guarding of the mind? Why do some people, who are relatives of our initiates, leave the world happily even if they were not initiated themselves?
  10. Why do most masters only teach the public the method of reciting Buddha’s names? How can we recite Buddha’s names in order to have light? Can we go beyond the Three Worlds by reciting Buddha’s names?
  11. What is the difference between Jitong (spirit mediums) and enlightened masters? How can we determine if someone has really attained the Tao?
  12. What level does the spiritual experiences described in the ancient scriptures belong to? Why can't the ultimate experience be described with worldly language?
  13. Why shouldn't the spiritual practitioners ignore their worldly responsibilities?
  14. The esteemed monk Guangqin said that it is a pity if monks do not have a chance to meet an enlightened Master. Why did he say so?
  15. What is the real meaning of dying with karma? Why is it quick to practice spiritually in samsara while slow to learn up in the heavens?
  16. What is the difference between the meditation method of the Quan Yin Method and ordinary contemplation?