Video-0147 Things Are Upside Down In Our World
Video-0147 Things Are Upside Down In Our World
No. 0147
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1991.01.29
Place / (Panama)
Translation / Spanish
Language / English
Time (mins) / 38,45,41
Published date / 2018.08
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  • Summary

You see, the dead is stronger than the living. Same with dead Masters, they’re stronger than living Masters. Our life is like that. You see how many dead Master are famous and how many people worship them every day, every year, every time, every minute. You see for yourself, our world is upside down. But when we want to learn something spiritual...when people want to learn something spiritual, they all turn to dead Masters. And when you tell them that they need a living Master and all the dead Masters had done Their job and gone, they say you are a heathen, you are a atheist, and you are such-and-such. And thousands, millions of people would bow to the dead Master or to the tombs of the dead Masters, but never think to go to find a living Master to pay homage to.

Just to express somebody who is homesick, somebody’s feeling who is homesick in the afternoon. When he saw the smoke from the country house and he saw the sunset……and he remembered his homeland. We should also share the feeling as we always feel homesick for our heavenly abode. The illusionary dream will be broken. This life is very crazy. If we remain not crazy, we cannot, we will be crazy. Oh, misfortune and sadness. Were you not born of God either? But nobody wants to have you. Yet, they all dwell in my heart.

This tells the story of a princess of Âu Lạc (Vietnam) who was married to the king of the neighbor country, for the peace treaties between the two countries, in exchange for some land, to enlarge our country, and to make peace with the neighbor. She sacrificed her personal love for the nation. And the man who was in love with her even had to escort her to the other country and left her there. But later, when the king died, he came and snatched her back. But it was a very dangerous situation. They succeeded. Happy ending. Ends good, all is good. This is beautiful, but alone makes no sense. Beautiful!