Video-0186 A Real Master's Clothes
Video-0186 A Real Master's Clothes
No. 0186
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1991.08.07
Place / (Taiwan/Formosa) Hsihu
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 36,35,31
Published date / 2018.10
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  • Summary

Then how can we tell that our Master is enlightened and others who wear fashionable clothes are not real Masters? We should look at how he gives initiation. We should look at how he lives and how he acts. Also, we should look at what his power is like. Can he manifest infinite bodies? How we heard from his disciples about seeing their Master’s manifestation? Does the Master save his disciples from suffering? Can he resolve problems inside and outside? Color doesn’t matter. We look at the time he lives, his work and the number of sentient beings he saves.

When we think of others, we become lonely. If we are focused inside, we don’t feel that way. We are here alone and not protecting ourselves while thinking of a person or many others. Any bad influence can come upon us. This worldly influence can easily interfere with our magnetic field at that time. This worldly atmosphere can influence us. That’s why we say that a Master takes on the bad karma of all beings. A Master thinks about them all the time. Whomever you think of, you give him your merit in exchange for his bad karma. Because you only have merit and he only has bad karma.

If I don’t know and my brain dose not record all this, it will surely be much better. The natural power will control and slowly transmit it, and slowly transmit it. The brain won’t hurt so much or be so anxious, and excessively transmit it. So sometimes an enlightened Master does not want to show up obviously for others to see or pray to, because He wants to protect Himself from suffering and mental torment, in order to feel more relaxed and stay longer in this world to help sentient beings.