Video-1157 Speed Up Our Planet’s Improvement and Evolution with DiZ Divinenity Powers
Video-1157 Speed Up Our Planet’s Improvement and Evolution with DiZ Divinenity Powers
No. 1157
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2018.08.29
Language / English
Time (mins) / 23,24,22,25,24
Published date / 2018.09
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  • Summary

Some retreat is more restrict like you cannot even call on the phone. Because there are some rules like that in the different retreats it’s like that. Other retreats I have constant conferences with the different Heavens and dimensions and constant working with them. Therefore, I cannot be interrupted and disturbed by worldly thoughts or worries. Just have to banish all that. Otherwise the Connection with Heaven will be lost quickly. The result of this retreat, well, I cannot tell too much detail but I saw 30% up from the veg section. Thirty percent more from the world. In the world there were 30% more of the veg trend.

Master has to be appointed by Heaven and luckily you are not. Even in the shadow words there are different degrees of coarseness or refined quality of the soul, that covers the soul. And if they have seen the Master and tyey’re initiated by Master, and sincerely practice- but I mean sincerity from inside as well- then they can be a Master in this lifetime, but rarely. So, practicing spiritually is a very delicate thing. They say it’s like the razor edge. Heaven and Earth, the line between Heaven and Earth is like a razor, so thin line, like a razor’s edge. Just a littel movement, a little deviation in your head, in your mind, your thinking, or your actions altogether, then you drop.

“It’s kind of a surge of upward tendency for humans, yeah? Even some unexpected events, like people don’t import meat anymore, people don’t import livestock anymore or export livestock anymore because of concerns for animal suffering, etc. This has never been heard of before. Not openly like this, you know what I mean? Even post it on the Internet for everyone to see. Leaders of the world.” “And many more, many more, many more, many more things. There will be more things coming that are more positive for this planet. More positive, more upward, more enlightened, more peaceful, and more loving and kind. Yes, will be everywhere."

In the beginning was the Sound ,the Wold. Means the Sound of the melody, the music, the vibration, the energy. But with heavenly ears, the inner ear not the outer ear. The Sound was with God, and the Sound was God. Not just from God. Not just with God. But the Sound “was God.” And everything that was created, was created by this Sound. That’s why the Sound is so powerful. So the Sound is more powerful than the Light even. So that’s something new.

Master, (Yeah.) You go up to all these high levels when You meditate and on retreats and stuff. How are You able to come back down and concentrate on the physical work that we do? It's just automatic. It's just automatic, because it's my work, my mission, understand? (Yes, Master.) That's what I'm here for. For the disciples, for the world, yeah? I cannot avoid it. Otherwise, too good, just stay up there or go. Go Home. But if I go Home, what's good to anybody.