Video-0334A The Power of a Living Maste
Video-0334A The Power of a Living Maste
No. 334A
Event date / 1993.03.18
Place / (Australia) Brisbane
Language / Aulacese
Time (mins) / 40,40,46
Published date / 2018.09
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“Supreme Master”is the wisdom of a spiritual practitioner. We’re the children of God, so we are also the Supreme Master. Calling that title to remind ourselves that we are the Supreme Master, we have the Supreme Master inside. And saying it to remind ourselves of our Supreme wisdom, to remember our brilliant wisdom. Don’t have to attain it. You already have it. You just don't know it. Everyone has Buddha nature within. You already are the Supreme Master even before you practice. We practice in order to bless the world, then later the world will be lifted higher through our practice. Between Master and Disciples

So the transmission goes through space and time. And it’s not necessary to have any method at all. So actually, there is no method. It has to be Master Power only. If any Master has that, He can do what He wishes but He transmits it to you. The Light and Sound is not method, it’s awakening of faith. Awakening of the Self. And if a Master has enough power to awaken that, open that door for you, you get it. So the living Master is important. The power of Their practice, of Their merit.