Video-1177 Animals’ Miraculous Abilities and Intelligence
Video-1177 Animals’ Miraculous Abilities and Intelligence
No. 1177
Category / 2018 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2018.12.29
Place / (Taiwan/Formosa) Hsihu
Language / English
Time (mins) / 31,36
Published date / 2019.03
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I know you love me, you say that all the time. But I don’t know when you’ll ever turn around and walk somewhere else. It’s OK, it doesn’t matter as long as you already have the basics: vegetarian, meditation, fearing the law of karma, and good moral standard, good citizen. It’s fine if you stay or you leave. Just my dogs will never leave. That you’re for sure, you feel it. They love you forever no matter what. They give you joy, happiness, and this kind of truly unconditional love. They also teach you that. They remind you of unconditional love.

I love the animal parts anywhere. All of them are smart. They have magical power, dogs. They use it sometimes to help me invisibly. I’m very grateful to them. They’re very nice to me, really protective. Most of the so-called Masters in the old times, they also hid their ability. If it was not necessary, they didn’t show it. The Noteworthy News, the good news, it gives us all hope about it. I feel like people would go vegan quicker if they saw more commercials for vegan food. We’re just getting more channels all the time.