Video-0022 A Master’s Only Obligation is to Liberate People
Video-0022 A Master’s Only Obligation is to Liberate People
No. 0022
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1988.12.02
Place / (Taiwan/Formosa) Pingtung
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 27,27,29,30
Published date / 2019..01
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Since ancient times, all enlightened Masters have promised us this. They came down here for this purpose only: to help people get immediate enlightenment and be liberated in one lifetime. They have no other mission. These are the true Masters. The one who has attained the Truth can transmit this enlightenment to other people, we call him a true Master. We, who have taken monastic vows, only have one mission in life: that is spiritual cultivation. If we are Pure Land master, we should recite, “Namo Amitabha Buddha.” If we are Tibetan masters, we should recite “Om Mani Padme Hum”

We don’t compromise our choice for one or two friends and use that as an excuse. I’m telling you, when you die, no friend can come to help you. At that time, no one will come to speak for you, “Oh, the King of Hell, please have mercy on my friend. He drank wine and ate meat for my sake. Punish me instead and keep me in hell if you need to. Please let him go.” Will anyone say that for you? No. Therefore, we should not make excuse. Find reasons for spiritual cultivation, don’t make excuses for not doing it.

For us Quan Yin practitioners, at the moment of initiation, all the bad karma (retribution) created life after life is completely erased. It is because the past bad karma (retribution) is completely erased that we can have Buddha's Light and enlightenment experience, that we can listen to our true Self, that we can hear the inner (Heavenly) Sound, the voiceless Sound, which is a very beautiful, inconceivable inner Music that we have never heard before. After hearing it, our body becomes very relaxed, we feel that our bad karma (retribution) is gone, and we are truly very blissful.

The realm of the Avatamsaka, the realm of the Amitabha Buddha, can still be described. Some other realms are indescribable. This is the true Dharma eye. Just don’t be attached to it. We don’t have to change our situation, we just need to change from within.“Blessing power” is when an enlightened spiritual practitioner has unlimited merit, then when He looks at anyone, that person will receive unlimited blessings. Whoever He touches is guaranteed to be liberated. Whoever is initiated by Him is sure to become enlightened.