Video-0654 The Only Criminal is Ignorance
Video-0654 The Only Criminal is Ignorance
No. 0654
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1999.05.28
Place / (Czech) Prague
Translation / Czech
Language / English
Time (mins) / 30,29,34
Published date / 2019.06
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It is my privilege that God has ordered me to share this knowledge among our brothers and sisters on this planet. And I will do so until my last breath on Earth, just to show people how simple it is to recognize your greatness, how simple it is to make use of the treasure within ourselves, to get in touch with God and to live happily in the Heavenly kind of atmosphere while still continuing duties on this planet. Because only by knowing God we will stop all hatred and all wars, all misunderstandings between people. Only by knowing God we can dispel these physical illusions, which envelop us daily in our existence and make us feel weak, make us feel hopeless, make us feel ignorant and, therefore, succumb to all kinds of suffering.

We must love our neighbor, we must even love our enemy; but, it is difficult for us because we do not realize how great the neighbor is, how great the enemy also is, because we do not realize how great we are ourselves. God cannot give peace on Earth if we do not make peace ourselves. Because we have the power. We are the representatives of God here. We must do things that we should do in this level because we exist here. But to see Heaven, to see the celestial world, to see the invisible side of God, we must use heavenly ears, we must use heavenly eye.

(Questions and Answers)
The purpose of life is to know God. Ignorance is the only thing to be blamed for all these bad things that happen to us. Ignorance, not knowing God, that’s the only criminal in this world and any other world. Because if we are enlightened, if we know God, we will be so happy, so blissful that we could never do anything wrong, or very less likely to do things wrong because we are enlightened, we are wise, we know what’s right and what’s wrong. So the best thing I can offer you is enlightenment, more than gold, more than diamonds, more than anything that is so-called best in this world.