00062 There is Essentially No Sin
00062 There is Essentially No Sin
No. 00062
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19860713&15
Place / Taipei,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 55
Publication No. / CD-CE06
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This  is a compilation of Master's brilliant discourses from the early years before She began preaching publicly in Formosa. In it She answers the following questions. 

Why does Master say that whether good or bad, meditation practice is always beneficial? What are the prerequisites for becoming the best spiritual Master? 

Why do we want to be a Buddha, to be enlightened, and to attain Tao?

Where do a person’s greed, hatred and ignorance come from?

It’s the best for us that we do not have any attachment to the results of meditation. When we meditate well, it’s good; when we don’t meditate well, it’s also good. Why is that?

We call the inner Master the transcendental Buddha, or the transcendental Bodhisattva. Why is it that most outside Masters cannot appear in front of us whenever we think of them, or whenever we meditate or sleep?

What kind of qualities should a spiritual master have to be qualified as the best and the true Enlightened Master?

What’s the difference between dream and soul travel in meditation?

Why do some people feel hot in the whole body when they meditate?

Is it good to try to help deliver the soul of the deceased by reciting sutras and performing rituals?


This inspiring discourse was recorded during the early years before Supreme Master Ching Hai began to give public lectures. We offer to all truth-seekers who can appreciate this sharing with sincerity, although the quality of recording was less than perfection due to limited preparation and lack of advanced equipment at that time. Please pardon us for imperfect audio quality at times.