Video-0223 Create a Permanent Heaven for Yourself and Later Generations
Video-0223 Create a Permanent Heaven for Yourself and Later Generations
No. 0223
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1992.03.03
Place / (Singapore)
Language / English
Time (mins) / 28,23,25,23
Published date / 2019.08
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We should generate always goodness, in thoughts, in deeds, and in speech in order to derive the goodness that we have sown. And the more we step into goodness, the nearer to goodness, the more we are merged into this Heavenly quality, the more we are near to Heaven. I think we can take the opportunity of our civilized communication system to broadcast what we know, to each other, in order to profit each other, in order to elevate our Earth’s mental consciousness into a higher level of understanding, in order to make our Earth into a Heaven. We have no need to immigrate into another planet or to Nirvana (the highest paradise) if we make our world become a paradise.

If everyone lives according to what the Bible states, and everyone sees God within, sees the (inner Heavenly) Light of God, the Kingdom of God, hears the (inner Heavenly) Sound, the Word of God or the Buddha Nature, then the world, our world, becomes paradise. Because this (inner Heavenly) Light, this (inner Heavenly) Sound, makes us become Saints, makes us become Buddhas. And the worlds where Buddhas live are Nirvana (the highest paradise); the worlds where the Saints live are Heavens, Kingdom of God.

We could make it into a golden age again, by living the way of a Christian, living the way of a Buddhist, the way of a true Hindu, etc. Take care of our moral responsibilities, help our neighbors as much as we can, sacrifice some of our wealth, our palate’s desires, in order to help in developing the world and help other needy brothers and sisters. In this way, we contribute our effort to build a better nation for the future generation to come. It is not a loss. It will be to the benefit of our children and grandchildren, and nephews and our brothers’ and sisters’ children.

When the Buddha was alive, He had many disciples, and even His disciples could work miracles. And Jesus promised His disciples that whatever He did, they could do the same. Therefore, we owe it to mankind to practice the way Christ did, the way Buddha did. And because I owe it to mankind to attain what I have attained today, I have to share it with you. I am happy to share it with you. Whoever likes to share it, I’m happy to devote my time, my attention, my energy, even my health, my finances to you, without any request in return, except that you work for it for the benefit of yourself and for the world that we live in.