Video-0651 Fill Life with Love and Wonder
Video-0651 Fill Life with Love and Wonder
No. 0651
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1999.05.18
Place / (Bulgaria) Sofia
Translation / Bulgarian
Language / English
Time (mins) / 31,29
Published date / 2019.09
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And after contacting God, we find our lives full of miracles, and everything will happen like wonder; everything will be taken care of; everything will be so much in love, so much in harmony; and our souls will find such a peace that we have never known exists up to that moment. For that reason, since ancient times, many of our Saints and Sages have forsaken the whole world because the bliss inside of finding God satisfies Him or Her so much that They feel almost They don’t need anything else in this world. But that doesn’t mean that they cannot function in this world.

In our practicing group, we have all kinds of nationalities, all kinds of religious believers, but we work together in peace and harmony, as if we have known each other for thousands of years, the instant we see each other for the first time. Why? It is because we speak the same inner language, and we understand each other at the level of higher consciousness. This (inner) Heavenly Music we can hear now while we are living, so that we can understand what God wants to teach us, what is the instruction from Heaven, what is God’s will, so that we cannot go wrong in this world. And then we will live our lives more in harmony with the mandate of Heaven.