Video- “United Peaceful World” Celebration in Korea (2019.04.03)
Video-  “United Peaceful World” Celebration in Korea (2019.04.03)
Category / 2018 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2019.04.03
Place / (Korea) Busan
Language / English,Korean
Time (mins) / 23,25,32,31,27,24,35
Published date / 2019.10
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  • Summary

The 2nd International Artist Day was grandly celebrated by the Korean people, symbolizing a harmonious world. On March 17, 2019, the last day of a 5-day “United Peaceful World” Art Exhibition, a livestream was held with our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai as special guest of honor, followed by a concert showcasing the traditional music and dance shared by United Korea. “‘United,’ I like it. Think about it. United States of America, United European or European Union, it sounds much stronger, powerful, and noble, because we’re united.” “Making peace, that will save a lot, a lot of lives. Heaven will shower merits onto you and the people involved in peace making.”

How can we maintain permanent and lasting peace continuously? What efforts do we need to make for peace? "As a peaceful practitioner, I always remind people to choose a nonviolent lifestyle, benevolent lifestyle, even towards animals and towards our neighbors. When we choose like veganism to atone our energy, to attract more peaceful energy to ourselves and our surrounding, then of course, we have peace. And if it’s in a larger scale, then peace will be attracted to our nation, to our world. Then even if we do not invite it, peace will come and stay, and stay even longer and forever if we continue this way."

"All animals or even trees, they are blessing us every day. Without their peaceful benevolent energy, our planet could not sustain in general." "If we truly think about it, then we know that veganism surely is the way to more everlasting peace.” “We must remember our Buddha Nature inside and the Kingdom of God within us and act according to that principle: noble, courageous, heroic, compassion, loving kindness.” Now, we will start the main concert, “United Peaceful World,” honoring International Artist Day. The first on stage is “Spring of My Hometown” and “Arirang of Peace.”

Now Pyongyang Folk Arts Group will start the performance. “Fellow Koreans, fellow brethren, let’s fondly take each other’s hands with hearts of patriotic passion, feast of unification is not far. …We’re glad to see you! Happy to see you!” Let’s take a look at the folk dance “Dondolnari” from the Bukchung province of Hamkyungdo. The word Dondolnari means there will be a new dawn, and one can greet a new morning with hope. Let’s give a warm welcome to folk dance Dondolnari. “Wow, impressive. Superb! Superb! So synchronized also.”

"We are really grateful for being invited to this meaningful stage on International Artist Day today. The main theme of today’s concert is United Peaceful World. We Hope there will be unification of northern and southern part of Korea very soon, thus bringing real peace to this land. This brings us to our next song, ‘One Dream, One Korea.’” Now, we will listen to “Jangsaenab” performed by the esteemed Jangsaenab player, Lee Young-hoon. The song to be heard today is “Yeolpoong.” "Whoa! Perfect." Up next is the popular song “Unification Dondolnari” from Northern part of Korea presented by the Pyeongyang Folk Arts Group. "Unification Dondolnari. Brotherhood of 70 million hold their hands, Dondolnari."

And now, Let's watch the Sand Art, "United Peaceful World," and the following performance "Taepyeongmu" together. "Freedom and peace fulfilled through all of our own hands. …The great dream of our people, Unity, come quickly. …That day will com. Surely, that day shall come. Be Vegan! Make Peace!" Up next is "Fan Dance" and "Season Dance." Let's give a warm welcome to the performances of Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation Dance Company and Pyongyang Folk Arts group! "Whoa! Breathtaking. Really, really high-quality today."

This performance prepared by Pyongyang Folk Arts group is a magical dance in which the colors of clothes change, representing each season of spring, summer, autumn, and winter in Korea. Up next is the "Janggu Dance" and "Samulnori" performed by Korean House Art group. "Magical, both troupes, magical dance." "This Artist Day was established and I performed in this honorable event. …I got more power thinking that my life was correct, not wrong. I will work diligently as I was encouraged to continue more. I heard Supreme Master Ching Hai asked to send a gift like this to performers of the day, so I was very grateful. I will use this gift money to advertise for the instruments of the North and the Artist Day more."

Now, let’s watch the song and dance, “Wild Rose”, which the Southern and the Northern parts of Korea used to sing together. Is the performance “Peaceful world - The Real Heroes.” “The Real Heroes” is a poem written by Supreme Master Ching Hai who was deeply touched by 2018 Inter-Korean Summit and wept, and this is a beautiful poem dedicated to the two leaders of the Korean Peninsula who started the era of peace and harmony. It’s the last performance of today’s concert. All performers will come to the stage together and sing “Our Hope is Unification.” “The best wishes to your country, United Korea. ‘United Korea’, more than ‘Unified Korea’. Because ‘united’ feels so powerful to me, so strong, so togetherness, so no breakable, no dividable, nothing can stop the people coming together and live together as one.”