Video-1221 Spread Love and Help Each Other for A Peaceful World
Video-1221 Spread Love and Help Each Other for A Peaceful World
No. 1221
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2019.07.28
Place / (Hong Kong)
Language / English
Time (mins) / 36,38,35,37
Published date / 2019.11
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I’m trying to do my best for the rest of my time on this planet. And all of you also, do your best. Meditate as much as you can, because there’s nothing else better to do with your precious time, as a human on the planet. And also help each other, please. Help each other. Not only does the person receive the benefit of your love, but you, yourself, also benefit from it. Any time you help someone else, and other beings also, unconditionally, you rise up. Your soul rises up; your noble quality rises up; your love expands. And that should be very, very beneficial to you, and your family and your clans, the world. I’d like to stay as long as possible, just to help more, help the world, especially to stop the killing karma, so that the world becomes a peaceful, loving place for everyone to stay.

Over the decades, how much have I told you about loving others, and loving and respecting other sentient beings? Have I told you? (Yes.) You also know that recently, a few weeks ago, I went into retreat for animals. It's not like I didn't set an example of how I treat my dogs. Everybody knows how I treat my dogs, right? Whatever we do, just imagine it's us. Anything that we don't want to happen to ourselves or have other people do to us, then we don't treat others like that, and it would be OK. It's a very simple concept.

Actually, humans should be the most merciful because we are the highest. As you can see, no other beings are more competent than us, right? Our minds are intelligent, and we can invent many high-tech tools to make our lives more and more comfortable. Animals cannot do that. They can only rely on nature. They rely on Heaven to give them food. I really wish our planet well, and the world will become more open, tolerant, and peaceful. For that, I am continuing to put in effort. Not just for humans only, but for the helpless and beautiful animals who share our world, but not share our privilege.

So, make sure that when you go out or inside your house, you keep your purity and love. When you go out, you go out with love, and purity, and recite the Five (Holy) Names or the Gift all the time. Then all beings will benefit from your love, all around you at least; whomever you meet will treat you with love in return. You will feel also love from them. I give them tip not because of money, but to spread love. In physical means, so that Hong Kong has more peace, more love. It’s not the money that I give. It’s the love and the peace through that gift. It’s not the food that I bring to them, it is the love that I give also.