Video- The Surangama Sutra: Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment, Session Six (2019.04.08)
Video- The Surangama Sutra: Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment, Session Six (2019.04.08)
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2019.04.08
Place / Taiwan (Formosa)
Language / English
Time (mins) / 33,33,34,34,34,33,30
Published date / 2019.12
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The Buddha said that He wanted to cause Ananda to become enlightened. So, He asked Manjusri to contemplate all the 25 Arhats, irreversible Arhats, non-returnable Bodhisattvas, that told you 25 methods. "Could you explain it to Ananda and the assembly and the beings after my [the Buddha's] extinction, after my Nirvana, which expedient door is the best?" Means all good, good, good. so now, because He wants Ananda to be enlightened quicker. Ananda wasn't enlightened at all, at that point, and being with Buddha all this time, staying next to Him. Memorized so many, many discourses and miracles that happened within the assembly, within the followers of the Buddha. Imagine that?! So, intellectual cleverness or sharp faculty of memory means nothing. But we have to thank the Reverend Ananda for all of this.

Thank Manjusri Bodhisattva, for concentrating all these 25 methods in a short poem for us. “The sea of enlightenment in Nature is perfect and clear. Complete, distinct Bodhi is a miraculous source. But when basic brightness shone so that objects appeared, With objects’ existence, the Nature’s brilliance ceased. Confusion and falseness bring about emptiness. Relying on emptiness, time and space take form. Thoughts settle, making countries and lands. What knows and feels becomes living beings. The emptiness created within Great Enlightenment, Is like a single bubble in all the sea. Lands like fine dust motes, subject to outflows, All come forth out of empty space. Just as the bubble bursts, space is no longer there. How much the less the three states of being! Returning to the Source, the Nature is not two. Many are the entrances through expedients; None of them does the sagely Nature fail to go through. Compliant or adverse, all is expedient. First resolve and entering samadhi, Come slow or fast as there are different norms.”

He explained from the beginning of our worldly existence already, how it came to materialize. It came only from emptiness, from nothing, and the thought also came from nothing. And the body, the form also came from emptiness. Therefore, he said like that first before he analyzed which method is OK, which is not. So, he said now. “Form and thought combined become the ‘dust.’ Their essence is not discernible. How can one use what lacks clarity, And expect to gain perfect penetration?” Because many of the Bodhisattvas beforehand, they said they used the touch or the water or whatever. So, he said any form, anything that has form or mental quality, is dust, is nothing. You cannot rely on them. They’re not reliable for you to have a perfect concentration. If you cannot concentrate well, then you cannot enter samadhi, that’s what he meant My calendar says so.

This guy, he is very wise. My God, for 25 methods he cut them all. He said, “All activities are impermanent. …I now say this, to the Buddha, who has revealed the Saha world: In this land the true substance of teaching resides in hearing the Sounds, purely. If one wants to attain samadhi, hearing the inner Sound is the best way to enter. …I now make this report, O Thus Come One, regarding what Quan Yin has just explained: It is like someone in a quiet place When drums are rolled throughout the ten directions, Hearing at once the Sounds from all ten places. This, then, is the actual true perfection.” The inner (Heavenly) Sounds, it’s not from any musical instrument nearby. It’s the original universal Sound. The vibration. Just use the ear organs, but not to hear with the ears. This is the thing. To hear without hearing, to see without looking, that is the best. But only you understand, because you practice it, because you are transmitted this Method.

He said to Ananda personally, “Ananda, you should listen attentively: I rely upon the Budddha’s awesome power, in describing to you the Vajra King, A samadhi inconceivable of likeness to illusions. It is the true mother of all Buddhas. You may hear the secret Dharma-doors, of Buddhas as numerous as motes of dust, But without first renouncing desire and outflows, You may amass learning, but you will still make mistakes. You concentrate on learning to uphold the Buddha’s Dharma, why don’t you listen to your own hearing? …As soon as one sense-organ returns to the Source, The entire six organs are liberated.” So, using the hearing organ, the true hearing organ, you can liberate all the other six organs. I guess after that, the Buddha felt that it was time to impart to him the Quan Yin Method to protect him. Because if you practice this Quan Yin Method to the full, then even Matangi’s daughter, you will see it as just an illusionary figure or dreamlike, so you will not be charmed by any mantra, even the most powerful one. You will counteract it with that and no problem, you will be free. That’s what he meant.

“Thus Come Ones of the past perfected this method. Bodhisattvas now merge with this total brightness. People of the future who study and practice, will also rely on this Dharma. Through this method I, too, have been certified.” Manjusri. “Quan Shi Yin Bodhisattva was not alone in using it. As the Buddha, the World Honored One, requested, I choose sincerely a skill-in-means, to save those in the final aeon, Who seek to escape the mundane world, And perfect the heart of Nirvana, the best way is to contemplate the Sounds.” Meditating on the (inner Heavenly) Sound, the Sounds of the universe. The vibration that we are listening to every day. “All the other kinds of expedients Require the awesome spirit of the Buddha.” The Buddha’s blessing. Otherwise, not because of the touch, not because of the taste that they get enlightened. The Buddha, their Master, blessed them at that time.

So, Manjusri continued speaking. “I bow to the Ones, and the Tripitaka, And to those inconceivable ones with no outflows, Trusting they will aid those in the future, So that no one will doubt this Dharma-door. …for those immersed in the final age, they should cultivate this organ of hearing, A perfect penetration that surpasses all others. It is the way to the true Bodhi." "Thereupon, Ananda and all in the great assembly experienced a clarity of body and mind. Having attained such profound instruction, they contemplated the Buddha’s Bodhi and Parinirvana. …Throughout the entire assembly, the gods, dragons, and all the eightfold division, …Found their fundamental mind and, far removed from dust and defilement, attained the purity of the Dharma Eye.” Up until bhiksus who do not wear silk, who do not wear leather boots, furs, or down, etc., and not consume milk, cream, or butter, can truly transcend this world. But must practice also the Quan Yin Method; that’s what He meant.