Video- Four Types of Beings in Our Life (2019.07.14)
Video- Four Types of Beings in Our Life (2019.07.14)
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2019.07.14
Place / Taiwan (Formosa) New Land Ashram
Language / English
Time (mins) / 36,34,34,37,33,33
Published date / 2020.01
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What are four types? It could be also people; it could be also invisible beings; it could be also animals, pets. So now, I classify it all in four types of beings. Because we are all beings. The first type is very lucky for us if we have; they're called "Friends." "Friends" doesn't mean the social circle that you are in only; it could be your family members. So, friend is good for you. You will notice that they are very helpful to you, very coordinated with you. When you're with them, it's smooth sailing. And in our group, we have sixty-plus percent are good, truly, sincerely want to go Home and to practice goodness and to hear the Truth and try to implement the Truth in their lives. And the other thirty-plus percent are not so. And just like other Masters, when They came to our planet, They generously gave initiation and just giving everyone a chance to know this method and then to be able to practice. But not everyone took it seriously. The same with Shakyamuni Buddha. Even His cousin always tried to harm Him.

Friends, they are always there when you're in trouble. And their energy will always lend you some help, even though you don't know it; they also don't know about it. But you just feel comforted when you're around them. And you two seem to get on well in many subjects. And of course, "Enemy" is the opposite. We are born in this human body and we are not allowed to know many things. Therefore, a lot of times we do wrong without realizing it, especially without anyone teaching us in advance, without a wise teacher to tell us what's right from wrong. And even then, if somebody taught us, sometimes we still can do wrong because the mind and the maya pushing it; and our karmic background from (past) lives coming back also leading us astray, making us do things wrong; or the situation forces us to do something that we don't like to do, but we just have to. All the Bodhisattvas and the Buddhas warning us that the Bodhisattvas have always been there to help us all the time, even lifting us away from hell, if we were repentant and sincere, and given another chance to redeem our mistakes.

Now we go back to Lord Mahavira, our good and compassionate Lord. But this is too extreme for me. I don’t wish any Master to ever have to undergo this kind of ascetic life, which is so filled with suffering like this. It’s not necessary at all. I wasn’t born to be looking like an ascetic monk this lifetime. I’m born for you. I was born for this type of people who look through the clothes and the skin to see something more valuable than just the price of the material that I wear. So, it doesn’t matter what the Master looks like. As long as their souls perceive that She speaks, He talks the Truth, they will follow to the end sincerely and diligently. And for these souls, I might have appeal. For ordinary souls, they just look for personality, they look for appearance, they look for demonstration. They look for whatever. You know it, right? So, they will not be able to maintain their determination and faith as long as the so-called Master that they have seen or wanted to believe in doesn’t fit their small little frame.

And Bodhisattvas, Saints, Buddhas are all over, in the ten directions, life after life. They are helping to rescue humans and to lift them up. Of course, friends include Bodhisattvas and Buddhas and Saintly beings. Now, the second type, maybe friend has more than just that. Sometimes, they just happen to be with you for a short while, but then they introduce you to some good teachings or a name of a Master, and it awakens something in you, and then you will go and find more of that teaching or that Master. These are also friends. And we have also invisible friends, like the angels who protect you. Now, there is another group of people; they are "Neutral." They are no harm to you, no good to you. Enemy has two types: outside your circle enemy and inside your circle enemy; we call "secret enemies." The enemy outside, of course, they do things very obviously against you, this is easier to deal with. You can escape, if you know, if you can. Secret enemy is more difficult. They make you even not want to practice anymore. And the worst thing is that they make you lose your belief in the right path to follow, right Master to believe in. These are the worst enemies.

And my cave in Spain, it was just a cave, a lot of rock and rough and it was not accessible. It's far away from any human's quarter. So, around is all trees and bushes, birds and squirrels and rabbits, and stuff like that. Oh, beautiful place! There's nothing, really, just that. But, for me, it's beautiful, because it's so quiet. But in that cave, I had the biggest ever realization. And the Gift that I gave some of you, also from that time. That was one of the best times in my life, just like in India when I had nothing. I love having nothing. You just feel so free. In heaven, you don't need to want anything. Or even whatever you want, it's already there for you. And even if you want anything extra just for creativity's sake, you just think about it, it's right there. But here, you are not allowed to use this. I'm not allowed to use so many things.

I wanted to tell you that because not only American husbands, but other people, other countries' husbands, they're also very loyal to their wives. And I'm very, very happy about that. So, if any of you women complain about your husband, I think you should also introspect your style, your lifestyle. You must have love and wisdom as well. You have to be also sometimes feminine, sometimes very cooperative. Because if your house is not peaceful, it's difficult to find peace of mind. They're always in your mind and you go nowhere. Peaceful solution is always the best. So, even if it's your enemy, you just bear with it, because mostly, you love your enemy. That's the way it's arranged in this world, so that you will equalize the hatred that you had with each other formerly. That's how it goes. Life has to be about love. I don't wish you to come back but maybe you have to. If you don't long enough to go Home, then this is where you stay.