Video-1229 Friends of Eternity - A Special Gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai and Cherished Artists
Video-1229 Friends of Eternity - A Special Gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai and Cherished Artists
No. 1229
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2019.10.01
Place / Taiwan (Formosa) New Land Ashram
Language / English
Time (mins) / 26,26,39,31,25,27,24,30,30,29, 27,31,27,27,24,29,30,28,24,24, 32,22,25,26,25,30,25,23,21,26, 18,,20,20
Published date / 2019.12
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In Her profound love and appreciation for the world's artists, Supreme Master Ching Hai told Her staff one day about Her longtime wish to see the artist friends whom our Association was blessed to work with in the past. Supreme Master Ching Hai chose the date for this special gathering to honor the anniversary of the passing of the late Saint Thái Tú Hòạ, one of Master's most devoted disciples and a beloved producer for Supreme Master Television and many of our Association's musical events. Thus, on October 1, 2019, 29 esteemed artists and their guests, mostly from the United States, visited to the New Land Ashram in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, for the unforgettable gathering titled "Friends of Eternity." Meanwhile, those who were unable to attend sent their loving well wishes and messages from afar. At the gathering, thousands of our Association members were present to witness the warmhearted exchanges between Supreme Master Ching Hai and the distinguished guests, as many of them kindly graced the occasion with an array of superb performances and inspiring speeches.

Now let’s start with Part 2. “I’m Spice Williams-Crosby and I am so excited to be here. It warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes. I have never experienced so much love and wonderfulness and respect, polite and just so God-loving people. It just soars, helps me soar.” What does “Friends of Eternity” mean to you? “It means that when you have the bond of compassion, you will always be close. And that is the bond that’s stronger than blood ties. It’s stronger than anything else, that I have my vegan family.” “She’s the one who made me believe that we can make it and give up on eating any animal around the world and try to make this world work and reach the peace, and so, we have to spread out the voice because we can make it. Hi, I am Filippa Giordano from Italy.”

“But my love is perfect. My love for humans and for animals is perfect. It has never waned in any way. Just like you. Just like many of you who love animals and fought for them and continue to fight for them. I thank you all for that. I really, I really think you. You don't know what it means to me. To be you, so famous, so celebrated, and then use your status, not shy, not worried, not scared of other people's opinion, just fight on for the world and for the animals. I really admire you and I respect you. I really love you so much. And thank you for coming.” We are honored to be in the presence of our most gracious Supreme Master Ching Hai, together with some of the world's most talented artists whom She has invited to be here today. You know, it really is amazing.

We are privileged to present to you "Friends of Eternity - A Special Gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai and Cherished Artists." Now let's start with Part 4. "I like the way you talk about your husband.…It's not easy to be a spouse of a famous, beautiful woman or a handsome man. It's not easy. All eyes are on them and you never know if he stays or she stays. But they do stay, and they have kids even. Believe it or not. Oh, wow! Thank you, thank you. Thank you for raising good families and being faithful, supportive to each other. Really, it warms my heart so much. I love these kinds of fairytale stories." "It's rare to be famous and people all adore you and you still stay faithful with your one and only partner. This is really rare. It's worthy of admiration."

The actor who defines charisma, Mr. Patrick Kilpatrick. “And this is my beautiful wife, Heidi. Thank You so much for having us and exposing us to so much love and wonderful, gracious hospitality. Something that’s so rare in the world, so I appreciate it.” And may we introduce you to the incredible Emmy Award-winning choreographer, Ms. Bonnie Story. “It was just amazing to work on ‘Loving the Silent Tears’… I really appreciate it and I’m so excited my husband Shaun can be here with me.” “Anytime I see any couple happy together, I always feel so happy, happy. Because in these days, these feel like it’s some rare treasure or something. Especially for artists who are so famous and live always in the limelight and glamour, and still have so much love for another being and share the love together like this; it’s really, really precious.”

Here with his lovely wife, eminent Professor of Music and concert producer, Dr. Larry Timm. "Thank you for helping us all these years. Without him, we wouldn't have known you; it's truly like that. Without him, we probably would not have been able to do these few musicals that you have seen. He's the one behind everything." The radiant Emmy Award-winning television journalist, Ms. Jane Velez-Mitchell. "Supreme Master, I love You, because You are turning the world vegan. …So, what You're doing is literally saving the planet, saving our existence." Finally, last but certainly not least, the exceptional actress and stuntwoman, Ms. Spice Williams-Crosby. "Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai for being a beacon of light that shines a greater path for all of us around the world to walk."

"My name is Giorgia Fumanti. And I'm very honored to be here to sing for all of you, to create together some music. The message of Supreme Master Ching Hai is so peaceful and beautiful. And just respect each other and sing together and be friends one to another. It's just beautiful." "I'm Kiril Kulish. Glad to be here at this spectacular event. I appreciate all that She does for the environment, for the world and how much She cares and truly cares about the animals, people, just the environment in general. And it's something everyone could learn from." "It's just nice to see together each other, for long, long time friends, and colleagues, and fellow artists. And I'm sure Heaven is very pleased with us today. Because all of us feel so good. So, this kind of atmosphere and energy would help the world also to have peace. And the animals will enjoy one day, total freedom. I'm working on it."

“My name is Lisa Bloom, we have to get as many people veganized as possible. The biggest thing that I can think of in the United States (US) and around the world is to stop the meat and dairy subsidies. So please, I ask each of you, wherever you come from, please take this message home, use your voice to speak up for the animals, never be silent. Think about what laws you can pass back home. If we can do this in California, you can do this back where you live.” Let’s welcome Bill Cunliffe. Bill Cunliffe is a Grammy Award-winning composer and arranger as well as an international award-winning jazz pianist, who has graced our Association’s concerts in the past with his magnificent music. We’re so honored to enjoy his performance once again.

et's give a warm welcome to Diễm Liên. Her fans love her for her gifted soprano vocals, which was also featured in Supreme Master Television's 2nd Anniversary Concert. "And my heart is joyful again, And faith is coming back. I vow to forever love only You. Even if I have to pass a dark valley, I will not fear, because You will always be with me." Here to mesmerize us on the piano, please welcome Luke Eberl. He played one of the lead acting roles in the "Loving the Silent Tears" musical, has directed nationally acclaimed feature films. "What an honor it is to be here with everyone. And I feel so surrounded by love and creativity right now all around me if you look at everyone here. And so, anyway, I'm going to dedicate this to my dog, Caleb. Really, he's my guru, my hero of how to live a compassionate life, true compassion."

Next is Corey Feldman, who began his performing career at the age of three. “I got a random invitation about seven years ago to take part in ‘loving the Silent Tears.’ And it was a beautiful extravagant display of beautiful costumes, beautiful dance, beautiful art. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old. I made that decision on my own, because once I was old enough at like 11, to understand that the same animals that were in the cartoons, were the ones that were our friends, and they were the same ones on our plate. It makes zero sense. But we’re changing it. We’re seeing progress. And now my kid goes to a school that has a vegan-based whole foods nutritional menu. This is the power of change. I wrote a song when I was 15 years old. And that song was about how we could change the planet if we wanted to. I’d like to introduce to you my beautiful wife, Ms. Courtney Anne Mitchell, who’s going to singing with me. This song is called ‘It's So Simple.’”

Next, she is an international award-winning author, producer, playwright, and librettist, who co-wrote the story for “Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical.” Let’s give a warm welcome, Cynthia Ferrell. "I am absolutely thrilled to be here today. It is such an honor. And in particular, because I’ve been working on a new short story, that I believe illustrates Your plea, Supreme Master, to wake up and move faster, to save our animals, our planet and ourselves. And before I get into that, I’d like to say, particularly yesterday, how bizarre it was for me to be in a place where free water was falling from the sky, and such a lot of water falling from the sky. Because I live in fire country. We don’t have green mountains; we have red ones. There were always fires growing up. And the fires began to burn faster. Why do we wait so long when disaster is on us? Why do we stand transfixed? What does it take to wake us up? What moment makes us as adults move? That’s what this story explores."

Lionel Friedberg is an Emmy Award-winning film maker and a New York Times bestselling author with a special interest in environmental topics, human rights and animal welfare issues. We've had the pleasure of working with Mr. Friedberg many times. And now he'll share some remarks. "I must say that the positivity though and the love in this room today is overwhelmingly palpable. You can feel it; you can see it; it's around everywhere." Our next performer is renowned Italian soprano, Giorgia Fumanti, who is based in Montreal, Canada. Her celestial voice has been heard on the biggest stages around the globe and in two of our Association's past concerts. Let us welcome her to the stage. "Praised be the Providence! Thanks to Earth and Heavens, To invisible and visible beings. For the grace bestowed upon Supreme Master Television. May this forever be blessed, To serve the world for peace and happiness."

We just heard angels sing today. So, so beautiful. Let’s give Giorgia Fumanti another grateful round of applause. “I’ve seen Your art and I’ve seen Your work and I’ve seen Your heart. And of all the three, I like the heart the best. There’s warmth and love and humanity.” Please welcome all the way from Mexico, Filippa Giordano. “Oh, You look so beautiful. You are so fashionable. Everybody says all sorts of things to You, but let me tell You, I love the way You dress and Your head and everything. That’s so unique because when you’re spiritual, you can be fashionable, right? That’s what I like. So we don't have to be shy of showing that we can have a deep heart, then we can sing and dedicate everything to God. (right.) Your staff is amazing. They take care of us and everything. They express love in every detail, that comes from the heart, that comes from the way they stare at us. It’s really so beautiful.”

(Filippa Giordano) “So, I want to sing for You tonight some European amazing piece from ‘Carmen’ Bizet.” “Let me tell you the story about me and this amazing woman whom I had the privilege to meet. When I was in Cancún, 10 years ago, I was doing my show in Cancún, a public show, and I received an invitation. I didn’t know You at that time. But that day when I decided to become vegetarian was because of You when I met You. And it’s been hard in Mexico, let me tell you that. But I’m promoting, promoting, promoting everywhere that there are so many things we can do for the planet. And it’s not only about our health and the animals, it’s the whole thing that works.” “And tonight, I want to sing one of the songs with a vegetarian, historical legend virtually on a video.” “One more time before I say goodbye with the last song, thank you for all. If you know it, you just follow me with “Funiculì, Funiculà.”

Our next artist is one of Âu Lạc’s, also known as Vietnam’s most beloved stars who has earned many awards at home and internationally. She’s also a principal cast member of “Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical,” and is one of our Association members. Hồ Quỳnh Hương! “We thank You, Master. All of these friends are vegan, and disciples of Master. And I think there is one thing that makes me the happiest in this life, and makes my life beautiful and meaningful, that is because I am Your disciple. I am very proud of that. And that is my source of life. I thank You for Your presence in my life. Thank You, Master!” “Love you. And you're beautiful. She has number one discs in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), and awarded by PETA sexy, sexiest Vegetarian celebrity something, some year.”

Next up, Mark Janicello, the multi-talented artist and acclaimed actor, singer, author, director, poet, painter and lyricist. We all recognize him as representing Italy in “Loving the Silent Tears.” Please welcome Mark Janicello. This is my song from “Loving the Silent Tears.” “Initiation,” please. “Your Light is reflected in everyone here. It grows, it magnifies, it touches all of us and unites all of us. What You have done for me, I will bring to the rest of the world. I have never met You before. But I feel I have known You forever.” And this last song before I say goodbye to you is the love theme from “The Finellis.” It’s called “Love Will Never Die.” “I will take your hand. You'll be in my heart. Love will never die. Because you're the one for me.”

Our next guest is a phenomenal pioneering Korean pop star and talented actor, with fans all over the world. Let’s put our hands together for Brian Joo. “Yes, we’re at a good event today, and we’re all here with the same mind, the hope and love. So thank You once again, Supreme Master.” Please welcome Elise Morris. She is so kind to share her talents with us today. The lovely Fabiana Passoni is our next guest. “I am so thrilled; I am so happy to be back among you to be part of this special, friendly gathering. And I thank you, Supreme Master Ching Hai, so much, for giving me the opportunity to learn, to live and to love. I will be forever overwhelmed with the beauty of Your message and with the friendships I have made with everyone along the way. Your eyes, Your ears reside in my heart.”

Mr. Paterson will kindly give his remarks and introduce his husband, the gifted singer-songwriter René Lamontagne, for a special performance. Mr. Paterson, welcome!“I want to say that it was such a pleasure to direct ‘Loving the Silent Tears’ because Your beautiful words filled us all with such inspiration that we enjoyed every single moment. It was hard work, but every time we heard the words that You sent to us that we got to play with and create with, it just took us to another level, it took us to a special place. Not only what You do with the world, but what You did with us. And I thank You for that from the bottom of my heart. From the time we got off the plane all we’ve experienced is love and it’s an exceptional kind of love. it’s a love that knows no boundaries or borders or color or race or labels, or nationalities. ” Wonderful. Thank you. Such a catchy and beautiful song.

Katie McMahon’s exquisite soprano voice has been heard around the world when she was the lead vocalist of the hugely successful show “Riverdance.” We also had the privilege of watching her represent her Irish heritage as a star in “Loving the Silent Tears.” Here to enchant us, Katie McMahon! “I’m just going to say how I have enjoyed being part of this lovely evening.” “I’m just going to sing a very short Irish unaccompanied song for you now called ‘Here’s a Health to the Company.’ And this is a wish of health and joy and love for all of you here.” Beautiful inside and out, Trina Parks dances, acts, sings and inspires. She is perhaps best known as the first African American actress in a James Bond film. Ms. Parks has also been a proud vegetarian and vegan for over 30 years. “Thank you so much for your praise and your love. And keep your love going. So, I can do this song ‘Believe in Yourself.’ I’m going to dedicate to You, Master Ching Hai.”

Our next guest is the Emmy Award-winning singer-songwriter, Faith Rivera. She has perfected the art of using lyrics and melodies to heal the heart and lift the spirit. She couldn’t be here in person, but she still wanted to perform for us via video. “Supreme Master, thank You for being such a force for good, a force for love, a force for light in this world and for inviting all of us to join You. Enjoy this song.” Academy Award nominee Stuart Sender is a brilliant documentary filmmaker whose work has taken him around the world as he explores important subjects like human rights and climate change. “We face a future where there is a real prospect that if we fail the Earth, we fail humanity. So we have to confront the challenges we face. This is a call to action.” We look forward to a future in which all humans live in harmony with nature and the animals.

Our next guest speaker is a longtime friend of Supreme Master Television. Jane Velez-Mitchell is an Emmy Award-winning television journalist who had her own show on CNN. “Supreme Master, an honor. JaneUnChained is my social media news network for the animals, for people, for the planet, and it’s filled with citizen journalists. Our mission is the same mission of Supreme Master: WE WANT A VEGEN WORLD. What we need to do is take this spirit, this mindset and spread it to the rest of the world. Your cell phone is your most powerful tool to change the world. I'd like to play our latest music video, ‘Go Vegan Go!’ Hit it.” VŨ Khanh is one of Âu Lạc’s, also known as Vietnam’s, most outstanding male vocalists. With his warm, deep tones, Mr. Vũ Khanh always makes his audience feel connected. For our special occasion, he will sing two beautiful Aulacese (Vietnamese) songs. “And thank You, Master, for helping us to come closer to each other.”

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have Kerry Walsh-a greatly accomplished soprano and flutist, who has graced our stage of many of our Association’s concerts over the years. Today, she will be sharing a few words and performing for us with her charming son, Michan. “And I’ll tell You a secret, Master, I have been dreaming for years of coming to see You in Formosa (Taiwan). So, I just feel this is absolutely spectacular. And what an evening and so much entertainment. And everything that everybody has been saying all night about how we have to just stop eating meat or the world is going to implode. And Master has spoken about how we’re blessed, and we get points and are blessed by so many living creatures in the universe, and by the stars and by everything that exists. So this is one of my hopes, is that people will grow some more compassion muscles, and that eventually that will lead to more veganism and more humane treatment of our fellow humans. And We’re going to begin with a Bach sonata.” “Oh! I really loved the sound. The flute is so beautiful. The sound is so beautiful.”

“Supreme Master, thank You so much for having us here. It’s a really wonderful experience. And before we play the next piece, I just wanted to recount an experience that I had a couple of days ago. I was looking at some of Your artwork that You’ve made over the years and some of the photographs that You’ve taken, and I was having a conversation with two of Your disciples. And they were explaining to me in great detail, Your creative process and how You went about taking these photographs and making these paintings. And the energy that they exuded when they were having this conversation with me, impacted me in a way that was, I would say transcendent. I felt after speaking with them and experiencing, like the competence and the kindness and the compassion with which they spoke, I became like almost physically kind of elated. …So, I just want to say that the inspiration that You share with Your disciples and the people here is truly magical. And thank You so much for all that You do.” “And now ‘I Will Forever Love You’ and these words are very important and very comforting." Wow! Enchanting! Let’s all show our warm appreciation for Kerry and Michan Walsh.

Let's hear more from Ms. Williams-Crosby in her talk titled: “Making an Act of Conviction - With God[All] These Are Possible.” “Supreme Master Ching Hai. I want to thank You so much for allowing my family to be part of Your family. It’s a great blessing. And to be able to feel so much love and respect is a great gift. I stand here today because of an act of conviction that I made to God on September 19th, 1977. Well, I never looked back after that act of contrition. I’ve been a vegan for 40 years. I also now produce faith-based film shorts. And that’s my way of giving back by spreading God’s messages. So for me, I can’t get through a day unless I know I have connected. And Supreme Master Ching Hai, through all Your teachings, You have shown a great Light, inner pathway for people that have faith. Because then we get stronger and stronger.” “It's just like you want a strong body, you got to put a little resistance on those muscles to build. Our spirit needs a little resistance, a little trouble, so we can work through that. Because in times of great trouble, miracles do happen. Thank you.” “Wow! Very interesting.”

“When we look at You, we see Your spirit, we see Your energy, we see Your aura, we see Your heart.” “I am beautiful and I love myself. Truly I don’t feel any older, I said. Just work too hard sometimes. But I really appreciate my lifestyle, like vegan and meditation. Because if the way I work, The way I work, if same age people, I think nobody can bear it. But I feel OK. I’m surprised. It's awesome that you have personal experience like that. Many people don't even know about this. That's what people call dying. But for us, it's just like a game. It's looking forward to leaving the body and then go somewhere, have more fun, more happiness and more légère (light), feel lighter instead.” “Everything is beautiful. Beautiful food, beautiful hotel, beautiful arrangements, beautiful speakers and art and performers. What a blessed evening. Honestly, our hearts are filled with joy.”

“I'm so happy to see you love each other so much. Such a love that I can even see it. It's funny, right? People say you can't see love, you cannot explain love, you cannot feel love, but I can see it. I can see it on the stage. Love you cannot act. Love you guys. I'm so happy.” “I never thought you would come, maybe you'd come, but one or two people. I never thought that you all come like this. Such a love I feel, love I feel before you came already. I don't even look at you. I don't look picture. Sometimes it comes back to my mind and I feel so much love between us, like we are family or something. Like best friend or something. I really love you guys so much. I wish I have more luck. I wish I had more luck so that I have more time. I mean, luck meaning more time to spend with people like you.”

“The music really lifts your soul up. And soothes your heart so much. When I’m working very hard, even myself, of course I have inner music anytime 24/7. But when I’m working too hard in this physical planet, I still need to play a little bit like mandolin or something. Then I feel relaxed. Physically relaxed. The soul is different. The mind different. But the physical, when I play a little music afterwards, I feel relaxed, feel less stressed, and then I can continue. I take my mandolin to my cave even, believe it or not. I play in a cave.” “Many animals they have so much talent, so much telepathic ability. They can see beyond what we can see. But they don’t show it. They hide their talents. They worry, it’s for security reason. If they have too much talent or too much beauty, other people might want them, take them away from us and things like that, or abuse their talents. And my dog, when she speaks English, oh! We showed it on TV, she said, no. And then later I had to tell her, ‘We have to sacrifice. Even if something’s not good, we have to do it. It’s for the world, for all the other dogs, so people know that dogs are intelligent.’ Then she said OK. I knelt in front of her and begged her and kissed her paw, and then she said OK.”

“There was one bird who came into my garden. She was spotted all over the body. And she walked with me like she knew me forever. And one day I said, ‘Wow! You’re so beautiful. Can I show you on TV? The way you walk with me and friendly.’ She said, ‘No. Please don’t. People might capture me.’ Then I woke up, I said, ‘That’s for sure.’ They talk to me in such a way it amazes me in English, in their English. I mean inside, a telepathic way, not speaking. Their English is, my God, it’s better than mine. And they use words that I didn’t use before, that I don’t often use. Very high English. Oh my God. I can spend all my life with animals.” “No matter what I say, love is felt inside. I truly appreciate that you came from such a long way here. Despite your schedule, your family and everything. And without further ado, may I invite you to dinner, to my humble little kitchen. Let’s go now!”

“So how did You first get into meditation?” “I meditated when I was even young already without knowing, without any teacher. And then as you grow up and you see so much suffering in the world, you just wonder why and what you can do. Then that's how I began searching - in books, in church, in temple, and looking for gurus and looking for answers. And once I found it, I just stick to it. There's no other way that I can help, so this is the best way, the Quan Yin (inner Heavenly Light and Sound Method). They liberate themselves.” “What kind of artwork are you focusing on these days? Poetry or painting or…What's interesting to You right now? “Right now, I'm not interested in anything because I don't have time. All the artwork or the poetry, I wrote or I made when I was younger, when I had less disciples. Right now, I don't really have time. Also, I have to meditate a lot. Our world is in danger. I have to balance a little bit with the negative and positive.”