Video- A Warm Gathering with Working Staff (2019.05.01)
Video- A Warm Gathering with Working Staff (2019.05.01)
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2019.05.01
Place / Taiwan (Formosa) New Land Ashram
Language / English
Time (mins) / 34,33
Published date / 2020.01
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Just chat, chat, chat with the workers. They have been working very hard. Because if there are too many people, then they cannot come in. they just stand next to the fence somewhere waiting, waving. So, today, I let them be the first. I’ve never known one Iranian to have doubts about the Quan Yin Method. It’s absolute for them, because they’re brought up in this kind of teaching and they understand. Just because they didn’t know there are Masters. If they know that there is a Master who can give them the (inner Heavenly) Sound, oh, immediately and no doubts ever. Because they already know that. The system is like that. When a human is born, he’s already bound by tradition or by the established religion, so it’s very difficult for him to find the True Path. If he’s not being bound by social tradition, then, and even if he wants to seek the Truth, he will be bound by religious custom and all that, and a lot of work, a lot of work, and then he’ll be lost in those rituals and traditions, and he will not be able to find the real religion.

I’ve told you many times. Many people said to me: “If I knew Master earlier, I wouldn’t have gotten married.” However, many still got married after they were initiated. They believe in their karma more than they believe in me. What can I do? Life after life, we have incurred lots of karma and tied a lot of affinities, especially with enemies; we always run into our enemies. It’s strange. They come even if you don’t want them. If you really don’t want them, they are even keener to come; it’s very troublesome. We are born free, so why bother? Before I became a renunciate, I talked to a Buddhist monk. He was very good at predicting the future. He said, “You will become higher and brighter than Your so-called masters.” At that time, I just laughed. I was only almost thirty, and a housewife. Not that I didn’t respect him, but I thought he was joking. It was many decades later, that I realized how terrific he was.