00586 The Universal Consulate
00586 The Universal Consulate
No. 00586
Category / Lecture Tours-America
Event date / 19890602
Place / Costa Rica
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 77
Publication No. / video-79
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Brief Introduction~

     We need to prepare ourselves for leaving this world. It does not take money but merits to go back to the Kingdom of God or Buddha Land.  Merit is earned only by spiritual practice.  For example, we Quan Yin practitioners are connected with the Supreme Power daily, so we can see the brilliant realm and hear the inner blissful sound of wisdom; this is the merit.  With this merit as the passport we can then go back to the Kingdom of God or Buddha Land. Now it’s time to buy the ticket and pack our luggage, meaning to have pure deed, speech, mind and inner light, and then we depart from this world.  Master is like the Embassy  who prepares the visa and passport for you and take you back to the Kingdom of God or Buddha Land.

     It’s said that Buddha is compassionate, or God is merciful and loving. So anytime when we give out this compassion and love, we can say we acknowledge our Buddha’s quality, Buddha’s power or God’s love.