01279_V0348 Master's Power Brings Enlightenment
01279_V0348 Master's Power Brings Enlightenment
No. 01279_V0348
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.04.07
Place / (USA) Seattle
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h43m57s
Publication No. / video-348
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture:

Q: Please let me know, what is the end of meditation practice?

M: What do you think? Enlightenment. Hah! Hah! The end of it is the outcome, is peace, tranquility, loving, having no desire. Even though we still work in the world, we still possess things, but we do not have desire. We do not have the torment of wanting many things and never have enough. That's the outcome.

How long must one meditate to reach enlightenment? Enlightenment comes immediately; as soon as you sit down with the Master and sincerely want it, it comes immediately, even more before immediately. Sometimes I have not finished the instruction, and people already got enlightenment. Some people are in a hurry, you know, they have no time to wait.

But the meditation takes place daily, because we always want to be in the enlightened state. And we always want to renew our, how to say, acknowledgement of enlightenment, or also we want to strengthen it, to strengthen, to expand until infinity.

Otherwise, even if you meditate for one hundred years, you don't get enlightenment. Meditation doesn't bring enlightenment. The Master Power does. Because during initiation, or during so-called meditation in our method, you do not meditate. Because meditation means effort, but in our way, it's effortless. You may sit that sometimes even sleepy and then enlightenment even comes, even then. Or you will be enlightened during sleep because the Master Power will wake you, wake your soul during your sleep while your mind is sleep, your body is at rest, your soul will be awaken into the world of light and wisdom.

Therefore, meditation is not a mean to enlightenment. But for lack of vocabulary in this world, we have to call it meditation. Actually, you just sit there and receiving the grace of God. And acknowledging your own supreme power. There's no meditation actually that is involved. Because anything that is earned. Or it is a result of some kind of action. It is still the worldly how to say production. It's still within the material framework. Therefore, our meditation is a non-meditational meditation. Effortless meditation, all right?