01284_V0352 Enlightenment Is the Key For Everything
01284_V0352 Enlightenment Is the Key For Everything
No. 01284_V0352
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.04.14
Place / (USA) Washington, DC
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h37m06s
Publication No. / video-352
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There is no difference between a sage and ourselves; only one hair apart, very thin. And when we traverse that, we are there in the circle of sainthood. And if we stay behind, just one hair apart, we are ignorant beings, bowing down to all pressures of the world, fearing all kind of things, and persons and beings, and knowing not what we are before and after our life. Even then, so we have eyes, but we are just like blind persons, we have ears but we just like being deaf. Because heavenly teachings we do not hear, heavenly kingdom we do not see, our greatness we can not perceive. It is a very pity, if we continue our life like that. And we want so much to help the world, we want so much to bring peace into our earth, to make it into heaven, but how do we do it if we don't have wisdom? How do we do it if we are not above average? How can our head keep from being wet if we are not above water? So enlightenment is the tool for everything in this life and the life after. We'll travel far and wide into the galaxy of the universe, we'll know things that even the most brilliant scientist in this world are dumbfounded. That is the ability of human beings. The true human beings are not flesh and bones only, it's not the outer appearance of beauty and charm, but it is the great storage of wisdom, of almighty power that could move mountains, and do all kind of marvelous miracle powers. Whatever Jesus has done is child play, whatever Buddha has cared to demonstrate while he was on earth is just a joke, because what he can... what Jesus can, what Buddha can, is above all that even, is billion, trillion times greater than that and we can. That's what I discover and that's what I would like to remind you. As soon as we pray, we draw our attention inside…