01287-V0354 To Convince People by Using Magical Powers Is to Interfere with Nature
01287-V0354 To Convince People by Using Magical Powers Is to Interfere with Nature
No. 01287-V0354
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.04.17
Place / (Canada) Montreal
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h45m28s
Publication No. / video-354
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Many people ask me about the magical power, because people
are curious about things that they can't explain, and also about
things that they scientifically think "it's impossible."  So I
told them that "Yes!"  These things do exist.  But nevertheless,
it's not to be used at random, and also it's not to be done for
show.  Even Jesus, He possessed a lot of magical power, but He
didn't always do it.  He was very reluctant.  Therefore, he rised
only one dead person to life.  He cured only two or three blind
persons, and did not run around all the time and rise all the
dead back to life.  That will bring the natural law into a
chaotic situation, how do you say, chaotic nature.  That is a
thing an enlightened saint would not do.  Each one has to learn
to yearn within his heart to know himself, to know God.  And then
the Kingdom of God will come.  And the Master will come to help
that person.  If we use magical power, or any other supernatural
ways to convince people, we unknowingly lead people astray.
Because, we limit God's power within these magical skills, which
could be learned by some expert.  And also, by doing that, we
interfere with the flow of nature.  And of course, we bring some
disasters upon ourselves.  Because what we seek are the eternal
things, like wisdom, love, and the greatness of the universal
power, not the small corner of these low level of games.