01941-V0763 Self-Discipline in Spiritual Practice
01941-V0763 Self-Discipline in Spiritual Practice
No. 01941-V0763
Category / Video conference
Event date / 2002.09.28, 2002.10.06, 2002.10.07
Place / (USA) Boston Center, (Indonesia) Jakarta Center, (Germany) Hamburg Center
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h48m31s
Publication No. / DVD-763
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  • Summary

Everyone has difficulties in this world because of their karmic debt to one another. Fortunately, the Supreme Master Ching Hai is here to show us the way back home and to help us by shouldering our karma so that we may walk easier on the spiritual path. The love and compassion that she extends to all beings can be seen through her merciful actions rendering every service unconditionally from the heart. This heartfelt thoughtfulness can be seen not only in her charitable and humanitarian acts, but also by her humbly consoling our mundane worries and emotions, answering all of our questions to the best of her ability, reminding us that only through self-discipline in spiritual practice can we truly be happy. Please enjoy this special videoconference between Supreme Master Ching Hai and disciples entitled “Self-Discipline in Spiritual Practice”.