02063-2c The Best Way of Communicate with Animals
02063-2c The Best Way of Communicate with Animals
No. 02063-2c
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Video/Tele conference
Event date / 20070824
Place / Taipei,Formosa+Paris,France
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 69
Publication No. / DVD-798
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  • Summary

The book The Birds in My Life is as beautiful as poetries and paintings that are intoxicating. The stories of the birds have been deep rooted in everyone’s mind, stirred their souls and softened their heart. Master shared the fun incidents of Her birds, which made all the guests laugh, She further told us, “All lives are precious. God has given all the sentient beings the same and equal souls. All beings have feelings and souls. As long as we open our heart, use our inner wisdom, we will be able to communicate with other lives, which will make this world, this planet, more beautiful.” There is a saying in Aulac, “If you save an animals, the animal will repay you.” Master revealed a secret that, “Each animal brings a different gift.” How do we communicate psychically with the animals? Please listen to Master’s teaching on the practical and workable way to do it.