00657 God is All Love, Compassionate, All Forgiveness and All Graces
00657 God is All Love, Compassionate, All Forgiveness and All Graces
No. 00657
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1989.11.23
Place / (Costa Rica)
Language / English
Translation / Spanish
Time (mins) / 2h20m57s
Publication No. / CD-ES105A
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture:

God is the Light, God is the Word, the Word is the Light, and the Light is also the Word; if we contact with this Light or this Word of God, then we are in contact with God. And from the pull of this Light and Word vibration energy, we can go gradually, step-by-step into the higher dimension.

Just like we have gravitation who sat us down to this world, there is levitation, which elevates us to Heaven; there is never one without another, so one force is pulling down, the other force is pulling up. Most people contact with this gravitation, pulling down force, but there is a way to get contact with the levitation, the pulling up power.

There is no night without day, so there is no pulling down without pulling up. The problem is only that we do not try to find the pulling up channel or force, and we just surrender to this pulling down force and just let it do what it wants with our life.

So, again and again, we are pulled back into this world; we have no chance to know God's kingdom, we have no chance to know the higher advanced civilization world. So the purpose of the Jesus or the Buddha or any great Master when they come into this world is to offer us a chance, the opportunity to be connected with this upward pulling force.