00294-1 The Journey of a Truth Seeker (Silent Tears)
00294-1 The Journey of a Truth Seeker (Silent Tears)
No. 00294-1
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Group Meditation
Event date / 19871104
Place / Taipei,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 41
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Silent Tears, written by Master Ching Hai, vividly describes the heartfelt, sincere voice of a truth seeker. Through the first-person accounts, readers may experience the perfect journey of a truth seeker in their spirit.



    “You pour light on the entire creation, But leave me alone in darkness!  My soul cries and cries till it finally breaks.,  You wouldn’t care. Master, it ’s said that You are everywhere. Why is it that in my house You never set foot??

    It seems that the Master has no eyes, no ears to hear our prayers. At this level, you feel very painful, but it is necessary. You gain nothing until you go beyond this level. If you take it easy to practice without any suffering, without a real longing heart, you won’t  get anything. You may get  the first or the second level and stop there.

   What does “The road to Your home” mean? We have to practice to his level; before that, there are full of hardships. Just like when we walk on a raod to return to a home, the road is “full of stones and thorns”! We thought they would dispear after we walk for a while, but it remains the same. It’s not easy; the farther we walk, the more stones and thorns there are. They tell the master, “O Lord! But I’ve walked halfway now, To go back would be even worse!” So, it is bitterly painful. It is hard to move forward or backward. Does any of you know such a level?

   “I’m now lying bare-hearted, Unconscious at Your door. All the passers-by could see my pitiful situation but You did not! Oh Beloved and Merciful One! Sprinkle some Life potion On my soul, please. But quickly! Or I ’d never again wake up!” Is there anyone who has attained this level? If you do, it means you have put down everything, letting go of everything. You don’t care if you become Buddha  or Bodhisattva.

    You have been through half way. At that point, nothing but your master matters to you. Then you almost become a master yourself,because you are same as Him, and you are one with Him, almost become one.

   The World is full of troubles, Only I’m full of YOU!

If You are placed within the world, All the troubles would be removed.

But as the world is full of troubles, I find no place for YOU!*

  I’ll teach you how to pray effectively. Do you want to know? Please continue to listen to the second volume, “ Know Your Almighty Power”.