01934B-V0746 Our Loved Ones Go to Heaven
01934B-V0746 Our Loved Ones Go to Heaven
No. 01934B-V0746
Category / Video Conference
Event date / 2002.08.04 & 17
Place / (Canada) Toronto, (Hungary)
Language / English, Aulacese(Vietnamese)
Time (mins) / 1h38m42s
Publication No. / CD-E746, DVD-746
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture:

There is no such binding affections in the higher realms. There's only an overwhelming love. It's a love for everyone, including our families and ourselves. If your parents have risen above the astral level, then despite your constant longing with loving and binding affection, you won't be able to see them again. Do you understand? (Yes.) You should be happy for your parents.

When we mourn someone’s death we only mourn his physical body. As for that person once he has gone to Heaven he enters a place of noble living, bliss, great happiness and completeness, where any wish can be fulfilled immediately and one's body, spirit and soul are extremely contented, where traveling takes an instant, there is no need for clothing and there's nothing to worry about, so one can use his leisure time for the study of the more noble and mysterious facets of the universe. Therefore, don't try to drag them down for any reason at all.


Our loved ones have gone to the higher realms to enjoy things that are a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand times better than ours. We should feel good for them. We should throw a party, to celebrate them rather than mourning. Mourning only hinders their spirit. They are now sacred souls. They’re no longer bound as we are, by the confinement of physical bodies. Therefore they'll immediately know what we’re thinking about. They’re always connected with us.