Video-0776(1.2) Love will Move Mountains Blessings will Level the Oceans
Video-0776(1.2) Love will Move Mountains Blessings will Level the Oceans
No. 776
Category / International gathering
Event date / 2006.11.28
Place / (Thailand) Pattaya
Language / English
Time (mins) / 78,63
Published date / 2008.01
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  • Summary

At the end of Golden Year 3(2006), initiates from all over the world gathered in Thailand to meet with our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai and pray for global peace through meditation. In the past few years, the world has seen many positive changes and is now in its most peaceful state ever. Master urges initiates to keep diligent spiritual practice and positive thinking and says, “Peace will definitely come, and very soon!” Upon hearing Master’s inspiring words, every initiate felt greatly encouraged and thrilled.

During the seminar, initiates from Islamic countries in the Mideast recited poetry in Persian. Master expressed her admiration for the graceful tone of the language. She also praised the Islamic countries for their beautiful traditions, and the laws that protect their people. She said that the Quan Yin practitioners are “real” Muslims, for they follow the principles parallel to the teaching of Quran. Master encouraged initiates to be brave and devoted to the spiritual path. On that unforgettable night, love resonated throughout the venue as all the initiates expressed their gratitude to God wholeheartedly by reciting with Master in Persian, “Allah is great... Allah is great.”