Video-0764 Dream in the Night
Video-0764 Dream in the Night
No. 0764
Category / Entertainment
Event date / --
Language / Aulacese
Time (mins) / 63
Published date / 2006.08
Smartphones / Aulacese,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,English,Spanish  |  
Tables / Aulacese,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,English,Spanish  | 
PCs / Aulacese,Bulgarian,Croatian,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,Dutch,English,French,German,Hungarian,Indonesian,Japanese,Korean,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Sinhalese,Spanish,Thai
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  • Summary

In addition to Master’s heavenly voice, Video-0764 & Video-0765 include precious scenes of Master singing for us that were exclusively recorded amidst Her busy schedule. Master recites and sings Her earlier poems with true emotion and sincere feeling, filling every note with Her eternal love and touching the inner depth of the listener.

How fortunate we are to live in the era of a saintly Poet! Through profound feelings and thoughts conveyed by Her verses, Master guides us on a tour of myriad worlds in the boundless universe. As we become immersed in Master’s poems, our thoughts and feelings grow more refined and our heart more perceptive. We hear flowers bloom, smell the sunshine and leisurely touch the clouds in the sky. Through Master’s poems, we enter the miracles of Creation and rediscover the tranquility and grace in the depths of our soul. When these two MP4s, fully charged with Master’s blessing, touch our heart with Master’s sincere love, they open up our own inner flow of love to accommodate all people, things and matters in life, in the same way Master does.

Poetry Appreciation

  1. Love
  2. Je Ne Crois Pas!
  3. Dream in the Night
  4. I Don't Know
  5. Since We Knew Each Other
  6. Forget Me Not
  7. My Wish
  8. Return to My Side
  9. To Be Able to Love You
  10. If There Wasn't You in My Life