Video-0696 Freedom Beyond The Body & Mind
Video-0696 Freedom Beyond The Body & Mind
No. 0696
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2000.05.09,2000.05.10
Place / (Korea) Young Dong
Language / English
Time (mins) / 111
Published date / 2001.08
Updated date / 2016.07
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture:

The brain sometimes cannot get the full message from the soul because the brain is like a filter. Sometimes the filter is not very effective, and all the orders from the soul become distorted so we do things wrong, we do things not in the right way. That’s why we’re frustrated with each other because we cannot be like one. Without the body, without the mind, we understand each other perfectly. We don’t need to speak at all. All the problems in this world come from the body and the mind, the brain.  Your intuition knows what to do, but your brain interferes because of the habits, because of the experience you learned from the past. Like, OK, if I do that, I’ll have trouble. But this time it’s different! It just looks similar, but it’s not. And your mind thinks, “No, last time I did that, I had trouble. This time, I’d better not do it again.” So, there’s a lot of interference from the brain, and it makes us very frustrated. And the husband and wife don’t get along well, friends fall out with each other, and the workers and boss cannot understand each other. All that is because of the brain, the filter: It doesn’t translate our messages correctly. But the One, the real One, the true One, our Self, the Buddha, is always correct. That’s why we have to go back to the source anytime. Anytime you have a problem, try to meditate a little while on it and then you’ll feel better. You’ll know the answer.

  1. What are the two types of karma, and would they still affect us after we have been initiated by Master and embarked on spiritual practice?
  2. Can we use medicated alcohol to treat rheumatism on fellow initiates?
  3. After initiated by a living Master, do we still have to cling to past Masters?
  4. Why is it that the more we practice spiritually, the less questions we have?
  5. How do we distinguish, when past Masters from other planets appear to us during meditation in different forms?
  6. The mind often interferes with us, causing us trouble and frustration. What can we do to minimize this problem?
  7. In face of problems, why should we meditate more to obtain a clearer answer?
  8. When we have a strong desire to spread Master's teachings, should we put it into action?
  9. Is it possible to see the Inner Master when one is still in the first level? What is the fastest way to see the Inner Master? Does the Inner Master have a definite form?
  10. How to avoid being judgmental when we observe things?