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00402-2 Seven-Day Retreat of Old Monk
Those who are able to come to this seven-day retreat are very much blessed. Great improvement can be made in seven days if you are willing to receive Master's training. If not, even seven years would be in vain. Master says that we should train ourselves, by turning into an ..(more)
00404-1 What Is “Dying with Karma”?
Once a Zen master said: we will become Buddha if we are pure at heart and not attached to anything; that’s the meaning of “enlightenment comes from non-attachment”. If we are attached, for example, to a doctor’s skill, musical capability or any ability, we would ..(more)
Only enlightened Master can have tens of billions of transformed bodies. This “transformed body”, or Tathagata or the level of onmipresence is totally exceptional. He can be anywhere and appears in multiple places at the same time. Lots of people pray to him, and he has ..(more)
00405 Teachings of Buddha and Maya. Fame and Vanity Is the Most Harmful to Spiritual Practitioners
Master says: Don’t come here and complain that your husband is bad-tempered or your wife is not nice. Spiritual practitioners should be better than them, but you always end up quarrelling with them and forcing them to let you go to the 7-day retreat. One of your brothers from ..(more)
00407  Do Not Be Bound by Our Habits
When you say something is ‘good’ but can not make it, you are controlled by the mind. You listen to it all day long. Whenever the mind tells you to do something, you do it right away. That’s why you are enslaved life after life and couldn’t become Buddha or become your ..(more)
00408 Compassion of a Great Master
Why do we sometimes meditate and struggle for hours but still get no experience? It’s all because we meditate with our ego and mind, trying too hard to concentrate, forcing ourselves too much and being so attached and pressed! That’s why we get no experience. That is not ..(more)
00429  Story of Blessing Power
Although we have worldly problems and troubles, we should not sacrifice our blessing for it, nor should we exchange our spiritual merits for comfortable life in the world, because spiritual merits are too ..(more)
00430 Why We Can Not Use Magical Power
We should observeour inner Light and listen to our inner Sound because the Light and Sound contain the highest compassion and love. The more we communicate with the ..(more)
00434 The Human Body Is The Most Precious
“Buddha and Bodhisattvas don’t mind our shortcomings. They only help us cleanse our shortcomings. Otherwise, we can’t keep ourselves clean after falling here! That’s how it is after falling here. Even if we don’t think of anything bad, other people’s thoughts will ..(more)
00435 The Nine Stages Of Buddhahood
“Some people come here from high levels in order to practice spiritually, and to bless this world. For example, they eat fruits in order to bless the farmer and the fruit tree so that it can become a human quickly, or bless the mineral so that it can be an animal, ..(more)
00438 The Story Of Indian Practitioner Arjuna
Highlights: Bhagavad Gita tells a story about Arjuna, a practitioner and general, who fell into a dilemma between the ..(more)
00442 Natural Disasters Arise From The Human Will
Highlights: Sometimes we get sick or experience some misfortune, wars or natural and man-made disasters, these are all created by the vicious thoughts of ..(more)
00443 Master's Omnipresence
How can Buddha be manifested in tens of billions of forms? Master says, “It’s not merely tens of billions of manifestations. It means countless. That’s why we say countless billions of Buddha is manifested in the light. What does light mean here? It means ..(more)
00444 The Story Of The Universe And The Galaxy
Highlights~ What kind of ceremony do high-level beings hold to greet their new spiritual leader? How do you have the fortune to be invited to travel to the high-level planets? How does the purifying treatment in hell use ultra-laser light ..(more)
00445 Remember  The Original Purpose Of  Being Human
In this era, it’s easy to deliver the sentient beings, but it is also difficult, because people are too busy, too busy to have time to think about liberation, too busy to have time to remember why we are here. For example, we don’t take a moment to think, “Hey! I am not ..(more)