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00249-2  Story of the Ninth and Tenth Zen Patriarchs –Buddhamitra and Parsvika
Do you want to know why the Ninth Zen Patriarch hadn’t even walked a step or spoken a word until he was 50 years old, and why the Tenth Zen Patriarch had to wait for 60 years in his mother’s womb until he was born? Please listen to the interesting story of the Ninth and Tenth ..(more)
00250 The Story of the Eleventh Zen Patriarch--Punyayasas
Highlights: The Eleventh Zen Patriarch Punyayasas was quiet in nature since he was a child and bore the manner of a great spiritual practitioner. How did he get the ..(more)
00251 The Story of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Zen Patriarchs--Bodhisattva Asvaghosa and Kapimala
The twelfth patriarch Bodhisattva Asvaghosa was born at the end of the fifth century after Shakyamuni Buddha went into Nirvana. He had been a debater before becoming a monk. After getting initiated from the eleventh Patriarch, he was able to break all heretical ideas and ..(more)
00252 The Story of the Fourteenth Zen Patriarch--Nagarjuna Bodhisattva
The Fourteenth Zen Patriarch Nagarjuna Bodhisattva was born six-hundred years after Shakyamuni Buddha went into Nirvana. He was exceptionally gifted since he was a small child; because of hiskeen understanding of the sufferings and impermanence of this world, he went to live a ..(more)
00253 The Story of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Zen Patriarchs–Kanadaiba and Rahulata
Would you like to know how the fifteenth Patriarch Kanadaiba was tested by the fourteenth Patriarch Nagarjuna Bodhisattva? And how did the sixteenth Patriarch Rahulata receive initiation from the fifteenth Patriarch and follow him in spiritual practice? Please listen to ..(more)
00254-1 The Story of the Seventeenth Zen Patriarch--Sanghanandi
Sanghānandi, the Seventeenth Zen Patriarch, was the prince of the Kingdom of Shravasti. He often talked about Buddha's teaching since he was a child. He already felt bored of this world when he was only 7 years old and asked permission from the king, his father, to leave ..(more)
00254-2 The Story of the Eighteenth Zen Patriarch--Gayasata
The Eighteenth Zen Patriarch Gayasata once travelled to the country of Yueshi. There was a Brahman, Kumāralabdha, who had questions because of the peculiar behavior of his dog, and wished to obtain answers. This desire led him to meet with the Patriarch and he eventually ..(more)
00255 The Story of the Nineteenth Zen Patriarch--Kumarata
Do you want to know the story of the nineteenth Zen Patriarch Kumaralabdha? Why was his father reborn as a dog after death? Why did he, after attaining the key of the Dharma, run all the way to a place three thousand kilometers away just for one of his disciples? Please ..(more)
00256-1 The Story of the 20th Zen Patriarch--Jayata
When the twentieth Patriarch Jayata met the diligent ascetic Vasubandhu during his world travel while transforming sentient beings, Vasubandu was already very famous in that local area and had many followers. Why did the twentieth Patriarch say that Vasubandu was still ..(more)
00256-2 The Story of the 21st and 22nd Zen Patriarch--Vasubandhu and Manorhita
Do you want to know which two saints appeared in the country of Nādikā one thousand years after Shakyamuni Buddha entered Nirvana? Why did King of Gotama give up his throne to follow Reverend Manorhita and become a monk? Why could he, even at such an old age, attain ..(more)
00257 The Story of the 23rd and 24th Zen Patriarchs--Haklenayaśas and Simhabodhi
The Twenty-Third Zen Patriarch Haklenayaśas, named as Little Saint and Little Bodhisattva by many, became a monk at the age of 20, and practiced diligently in the mountains forests for nine years but didn't attain anything. He didn't attain the Tao until he met an ..(more)
00258 The Story of the 25th Zen Patriarch—Vasiasita
The Twenty-fifth Patriarch Vasiasita travelled around many countries in India to take refuge. He won all the 50 debates with people from outside school about Buddhist sutras and teachings, and he kept calm in face of reproaches and challenges from King Desheng. In this ..(more)
00259 The Story of the 26th and 27th Zen Patriarchs—Punyamitra and Prajñātāra
Do you want to know the interesting stories of the spiritual practice of the Twenty-Sixth Zen Patriarch Punyamitra and the Twenty-Seventh Patriarch Prajñātāra? They are fellow practitioners up there, and both could teach Prajna Paramita and sutras, but why was one of ..(more)
00260 The Story of the 28th Zen Patriarch—Bodhidharma (1/2)
After reading the historical records of the Twenty-eighth Zen Patriarch Bodhidharma and seeing his pictures, do you think Bodhidharma is a cold-hearted and harsh person? He was not moved even when Huike waited in snow for a whole night for his teachings; he passed on ..(more)
00261 The Story of the 28th Zen Patriarch—Bodhidharma (2/2)
Provincial Governor Yang Xuanzhi begged Bodhidharma not to leave the world and to continue to transform sentient beings universally; the Patriarch, however, did not want to stay in the mundane world and cause ordinary people to be jealous and hate him which would ..(more)