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00370 Worshipping Buddha is Worshipping One's True Self
Why do all the fellow initiates who practice the Quan Yin Method have (inner or outer) experiences? Master answered a series of questions. Fellow initiates talked about their miraculous ..(more)
00371-1 The Ordinary Mind is the Tao
Fellow initiates shared their inner experiences Some people saw the stars, the Moon. Some heard the sound of the bell. They asked Master how they could go higher? Is it good or bad to experience strong vibration during ..(more)
00371-2 Observing the Precepts is Necessary in Spiritual Cultivation
It is not easy to make progress in our spiritual practice without keeping the precepts strictly. How is our practice different from those that allow so-called freedom and do not demand people to keep precepts? Some people have inner visions while working. Should they ..(more)
00372 The Origins of Superstitions and Idol Worship
Were the inner visions that some of the fellow initiates told Master real or illusions? It’s said that there is only a thin curtain standing between Buddha and sentient beings. What does that curtain represent? Why is it said that there is originally no karma? Why ..(more)
00375 Questions and Answers between Master and Disciples
Highlights Supreme Master Ching Hai patiently answers all kinds of questions from the disciples’ hearts. Some disciples can’t stop feeling upset because their family is strongly against ..(more)
00376 The Magical Power of Controlling the Weather
Highlights: What’s the difference between the magical power, which can summon the wind and rain and the Quan Yin Method? Supreme Master Qing Hai points out that there are many methods for spiritual ..(more)
00377 Keep Yourself Pure to Receive Master's Blessings
What is the true offering? Why can a true spiritual practitioner benefit a thousand people and feed a hundred people without doing anything? What’s the ..(more)
00402-1 Spiritual Practitioners Should Be Independent
When we have a chance to be independent, we will know what ability and wit we have to make quick and decisive decisions. Otherwise, our wisdom will go moldy and become useless. So any hardships, , uncomfortable or undesirable situation is the best situation for ..(more)
00402-2 Seven-Day Retreat of Old Monk
Those who are able to come to this seven-day retreat are very much blessed. Great improvement can be made in seven days if you are willing to receive Master's training. If not, even seven years would be in vain. Master says that we should train ourselves, by turning into an ..(more)
00404-1 What Is “Dying with Karma”?
Once a Zen master said: we will become Buddha if we are pure at heart and not attached to anything; that’s the meaning of “enlightenment comes from non-attachment”. If we are attached, for example, to a doctor’s skill, musical capability or any ability, we would ..(more)
00404-2 Only Enlightened Masters Can Have Tens of Billions of Transformed Bodies
Only enlightened Master can have tens of billions of transformed bodies. This “transformed body”, or Tathagata or the level of onmipresence is totally exceptional. He can be anywhere and appears in multiple places at the same time. Lots of people pray to him, and he has ..(more)
00405 Teachings of Buddha and Maya. Fame and Vanity Is the Most Harmful to Spiritual Practitioners
Master says: Don’t come here and complain that your husband is bad-tempered or your wife is not nice. Spiritual practitioners should be better than them, but you always end up quarrelling with them and forcing them to let you go to the 7-day retreat. One of your brothers from ..(more)
00407  Do Not Be Bound by Our Habits
When you say something is ‘good’ but can not make it, you are controlled by the mind. You listen to it all day long. Whenever the mind tells you to do something, you do it right away. That’s why you are enslaved life after life and couldn’t become Buddha or become your ..(more)
00408 Compassion of a Great Master
Why do we sometimes meditate and struggle for hours but still get no experience? It’s all because we meditate with our ego and mind, trying too hard to concentrate, forcing ourselves too much and being so attached and pressed! That’s why we get no experience. That is not ..(more)
00429  Story of Blessing Power
Although we have worldly problems and troubles, we should not sacrifice our blessing for it, nor should we exchange our spiritual merits for comfortable life in the world, because spiritual merits are too ..(more)