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02144-4e-V0964 Meng Tzu and the King of Qi
In this audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells stories of the Chinese saint and sage, Meng Tzu. The King of Qi modestly asked advice from Meng Tzu about virtue, diplomacy, how to win people’s hearts, and courage. Meng Tzu pointed out that compassion and wisdom are ..(more)
02152-V0956 Be Strict and Correct in Our Moral Standards
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasizes the importance of “being strict and correct in moral standards”. She said, “We should not take, we should just give. You have to remember the five precepts.” The motive of our action has to always be very pure ..(more)
02153-V0886 When We Pray Alone
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai shares the ancient wisdom of different cultures while reading a Chinese tale, “The Immortal in Sheep’s Clothing.” According to the story, Zho Chi is an immortal who has mastered magical arts. However, Cao Cao, the ambitious ..(more)
02154 The All-Encompassing Love of a Master
With sincere longing, Association members came from all around the world to share their love and gratitude with Supreme Master Ching Hai. On several ..(more)
02154-3-V0901 The Rising Trend of Vegan Restaurants
This Video/Audio contains three different gatherings between Supreme Master Ching Hai and Association members in 2008. Spiritual stories, jokes and practical advice given by the Supreme Master on how to spread the vegan message create a very relaxing and loving ..(more)
02160 It's Time to Contribute Our Efforts to Benefit Others
Fellow initiates shared their experiences in running Loving Hut restaurants. They also try their best to build websites, sell vegan buns, vegan lunch boxes and open vegan ..(more)
02161-V0888 The Higher Duty of Enlightened Masters
Sharing a reading of the last letter from past Sufi Master Mirza Abdul-Hadi Khan of Bukhara wrote to his disciples, Supreme Master Ching Hai illuminates the truth of the higher duty that enlightened Masters fulfil in their lives. An enlightened Master does whatever she ..(more)
02162 Trust in God
Meat, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs have caused many diseases and crimes, poisoned our health, mind and spirituality. The resulting karma has also led to various kinds of natural disasters. Most of the people do not know or understand the ..(more)
02163 We Cannot Become a Saint Without a Loving Heart
Highlights What kind of attitude should we have when advocating the message of saving the Earth? Why should parents take good responsibility in taking care of their children? In a gathering with international ..(more)
02166 Trust in God to Provide What We Need
Highlights During this international seminar, Supreme Master Ching Hai recites beautiful readings from the biblical Psalms of David in celebration of Christmas. The message is clear: trust in God to provide us with what we ..(more)
02172 Practice with Selflessness: Sila and Dhyana Paramita
Highlights How should we practice the perfect charity and true meditation? During an international gathering , Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed the answer through the Diamond Sutra which recorded the wisdom of the ..(more)
02176-2-V0874 Cause and Retribution
02176-V0889 Renounce Ego to Triumph Ourselves
During an international seminar in Europe 2009, Supreme Master Ching Hai told stories of Buddhism, Sufism and Islam, which all remind us that the biggest obstacle of one’s spiritual practice is our ego. As long as one still attaches to the fame and wealth of this world ..(more)
02188-V0977 The Tale of the Wayward Princess
In this gathering with International Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells the story of Princess Zeshan. To uphold a principle of truth, the princess would rather be imprisoned than yield to her father the king. The story illustrates how Heaven decides ..(more)
02194 We are Originally Pure
Have you ever dreamed of living forever? Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us that originally, this human body was an ..(more)