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02162 Trust in God
Meat, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs have caused many diseases and crimes, poisoned our health, mind and spirituality. The resulting karma has also led to various kinds of natural disasters. Most of the people do not know or understand the ..(more)
02163 We Cannot Become a Saint Without a Loving Heart
Highlights What kind of attitude should we have when advocating the message of saving the Earth? Why should parents take good responsibility in taking care of their children? In a gathering with international ..(more)
02166 Trust in God to Provide What We Need
Highlights During this international seminar, Supreme Master Ching Hai recites beautiful readings from the biblical Psalms of David in celebration of Christmas. The message is clear: trust in God to provide us with what we ..(more)
02172 Practice with Selflessness: Sila and Dhyana Paramita
Highlights How should we practice the perfect charity and true meditation? During an international gathering , Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed the answer through the Diamond Sutra which recorded the wisdom of the ..(more)
02176-2-V0874 Cause and Retribution
02176-V0889 Renounce Ego to Triumph Ourselves
During an international seminar in Europe 2009, Supreme Master Ching Hai told stories of Buddhism, Sufism and Islam, which all remind us that the biggest obstacle of one’s spiritual practice is our ego. As long as one still attaches to the fame and wealth of this world ..(more)
02188-V0977 The Tale of the Wayward Princess
In this gathering with International Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells the story of Princess Zeshan. To uphold a principle of truth, the princess would rather be imprisoned than yield to her father the king. The story illustrates how Heaven decides ..(more)
02194 We are Originally Pure
Have you ever dreamed of living forever? Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us that originally, this human body was an ..(more)
02195 Create Heaven on Earth
In one gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai mentioned that the human body is unimaginable - the best creation of all. She also said LOVE is the source of enlightenment. When we have love in our hearts, ..(more)
02198 Our Thinking Can Change the Universe
Highlights In sharing the statement of a simple diet, Supreme Master Ching Hai conveys that all is created by habit. Therefore, we can train ourselves to do anything. It is the same with meat eating, which anyone can also ..(more)
02198-2e Be Bigger Than Life+Love is Very Important
On this unique and special day, Valentine’s Day, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminds the fellow ..(more)
02199 Love is Very Important+The Chinese zodiac’s
If you pay too much attention to the material life, it will be harder for your spiritual side to elevate. It’s not that I forbid you to focus on the material life, nor is it that I discourage ..(more)
02200 Returning to Our True Loving Self
Highlights During the 2009 international gatherings with Association Members, Supreme Master Ching Hai said that in this critical time, technology and inventions alone would not save us. If we want to live, we have to be awakened and ..(more)
02205 Our True Home is in Heaven+Determination and Unity
Supreme Master Ching Hai said, “There is no home on this planet. You have only one home and that is the wisdom eye. Emotional needs and physical needs are different from the real Home and we just have to create a better ..(more)
02210-V0896 Spiritual Practice and Sincerity Help the Planet
In light of the dire situations of our Earth such as global warming and animals’ suffering, Supreme Master Ching Hai encouraged our Association Members to contribute our efforts by utilizing the wisdom, courage, and love gained from spiritual practice to save the ..(more)