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01541 The Way of Peace
To God, this world we live in is like an opera. Neither peace nor happiness is eternal. Master says: we try our best to help and alleviate the sufferings in this world, not only in the spiritual ..(more)
01542 Practicing While Living in the World
The world is not a perfect place; for example, it is home to countless mosquitos. But Supreme Master Ching Hai says that when a mosquito bites you, it gives you a chance to achieve Paramita, or perfection. That’s because such an event helps you keep the Five ..(more)
01583-V0493 Appreciate the Value of Initiation
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: Only when we are sincere, will God bring us to the path that is suitable for us. After we have found that path we must be careful not to seek blessings from any other source, since they will lower our spiritual ..(more)
01584 Spiritual Concepts are Just as Important as Spiritual Experiences
Being a renunciate is just the same as being a householder. Now all of you are like renunciates. Why so? It’s because you’re not attached to worldly things any more. It’s the same ..(more)
01585-V0497 We Are Always Together
Is enlightenment related to a person's character, virtues or shortcomings? Why were there so many "Zen enigmas" exchanged between masters and disciples in ancient times? What is the hidden meaning behind these stories? What is the difference between "theoretical ..(more)
01586 Purify the World with Meditation Power
While traveling abroad, I often attract a lot of attention from strangers, which makes me very uncomfortable and embarrassed. Even when I wore ordinary and inexpensive clothes bought from street vendors, I was still referred ..(more)
01588 A Real Wise Man Does Not Show His Greatness
Why are historical records and comments sometimes inconsistent with the facts? How can we learn real lessons from ..(more)
01600 Successful Performance+The Real Longevity
If we can make people happy, it’s a great, meritorious act, because we have performed with great sincerity. This is also a method of spiritual practice and a way to gain merits. All ..(more)
01639 Introspection Of Conception
If we are sick, apart from meditating diligently and praying, we should take medicine if it’s available. If there is no medicine, we have to rely completely on praying. Then we should let God make the arrangement. If God arranges a ..(more)
01640 Doing A Favor Without Asking For Reward
Highlights: How to get benefits from merciful giving? Master says, we help others because we feel as sad when we see others are sad. It should be really from our heart. We do not give for reward nor for merits or blessings, but for ourselves, because we will feel ..(more)
01658 Zen Humor
Sometimes, because we can’t feel the ephemeral nature of the world, God sends us some disasters, and the so called surprise therapy to shock us, or stun us, so that we can have a deep feeling that this world is really not ..(more)
01662 The Motherly Love Of A Master
Supreme Master Ching Hai talks about the circumstances during wars in her childhood, and the story of tens of thousands of African orphans struggling to survive by themselves. Anything in the world is because of karma and is illusion. But since we live in this world, ..(more)
01711_V0571 The True Manifestation of A Living Master
The Truth we all know, we just forgot it. So sometimes, someone has to remind us what the purpose of our life is, why we must find the truth, why we must practice meditation and why we must believe in ..(more)
01733 Inborn Photographic Memory
Should spiritual practitioners approve of euthanasia? What is Master's view on this issue? Do you know that too much talking can disrupt one's logical understanding of events? Do you know that Master has an admirable inborn photographic ..(more)
01750 Spirituality Needs Leisure And Freedom&The Origin of Pilgrimage
Highlights In order to measure our spiritual progress, should we always check to see whether our loving kindness has developed? If we have no experience during meditation yet have it during sleep, what is the difference between both? During times of need, ..(more)