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00371-2 Observing the Precepts is Necessary in Spiritual Cultivation
It is not easy to make progress in our spiritual practice without keeping the precepts strictly. How is our practice different from those that allow so-called freedom and do not demand people to keep precepts? Some people have inner visions while working. Should they ..(more)
00372 The Origins of Superstitions and Idol Worship
Were the inner visions that some of the fellow initiates told Master real or illusions? It’s said that there is only a thin curtain standing between Buddha and sentient beings. What does that curtain represent? Why is it said that there is originally no karma? Why ..(more)
00375 Questions and Answers between Master and Disciples
Highlights Supreme Master Ching Hai patiently answers all kinds of questions from the disciples’ hearts. Some disciples can’t stop feeling upset because their family is strongly against ..(more)
00376 The Magical Power of Controlling the Weather
Highlights: What’s the difference between the magical power, which can summon the wind and rain and the Quan Yin Method? Supreme Master Qing Hai points out that there are many methods for spiritual ..(more)
00377 Keep Yourself Pure to Receive Master's Blessings
What is the true offering? Why can a true spiritual practitioner benefit a thousand people and feed a hundred people without doing anything? What’s the ..(more)
00434 The Human Body Is The Most Precious
“Buddha and Bodhisattvas don’t mind our shortcomings. They only help us cleanse our shortcomings. Otherwise, we can’t keep ourselves clean after falling here! That’s how it is after falling here. Even if we don’t think of anything bad, other people’s thoughts will ..(more)
00435 The Nine Stages Of Buddhahood
“Some people come here from high levels in order to practice spiritually, and to bless this world. For example, they eat fruits in order to bless the farmer and the fruit tree so that it can become a human quickly, or bless the mineral so that it can be an animal, ..(more)
00438 The Story Of Indian Practitioner Arjuna
Highlights: Bhagavad Gita tells a story about Arjuna, a practitioner and general, who fell into a dilemma between the ..(more)
00442 Natural Disasters Arise From The Human Will
Highlights: Sometimes we get sick or experience some misfortune, wars or natural and man-made disasters, these are all created by the vicious thoughts of ..(more)
00443 Master's Omnipresence
How can Buddha be manifested in tens of billions of forms? Master says, “It’s not merely tens of billions of manifestations. It means countless. That’s why we say countless billions of Buddha is manifested in the light. What does light mean here? It means ..(more)
00444 The Story Of The Universe And The Galaxy
Highlights~ What kind of ceremony do high-level beings hold to greet their new spiritual leader? How do you have the fortune to be invited to travel to the high-level planets? How does the purifying treatment in hell use ultra-laser light ..(more)
00445 Remember  The Original Purpose Of  Being Human
In this era, it’s easy to deliver the sentient beings, but it is also difficult, because people are too busy, too busy to have time to think about liberation, too busy to have time to remember why we are here. For example, we don’t take a moment to think, “Hey! I am not ..(more)
00446 The Story Of A Sikhist Patriarch
“When we meditate intentionally, that time is ours. It’s recorded clearly in Heaven. Whatever spiritual merit we earn is recorded. Even our earned worldly merit and karma are all recorded, so how can there be no one to record our supreme spiritual merit? There is an ..(more)
00447 Real Soul Mates
Highlight: What is soul mate? Is our wife or husband now our soul mate? Supreme Master Ching Hai reveals that there's no husband or wife at all. We are all bound together by karma. Our husband in this life will not ..(more)
00448 Why Do We Experience Lights Of Various Colors During Initiation?
“At time of initiation, maybe it seemed to you that the process was not a big deal. You didn’t do any hand gesture or recite any mantra. But you have no idea how much change your soul had been through. You can’t see the invisible aspect of things. If you could see, you ..(more)