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01270_V0343 Be One with God's Wisdom
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: The Light inside, the Light of the extreme intelligence, is without shadow and substance; that's why we can hardly see it with our eyes. Even if sometimes we see it with the Wisdom, which doesn't need eyes, we still ..(more)
01275-V0346 We Must Find Our Real Self
Q: If a person is devoted to the their religion, say Christianity or Buddhism, would it be necessary to receive initiation and practice the Quan Yin method? Can he find the hidden true self through their own religions? M: Oh, if you can, then you ..(more)
01279_V0348 Master's Power Brings Enlightenment
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: Q: Please let me know, what is the end of meditation practice? M: What do you think? Enlightenment. Hah! Hah! The end of it is the outcome, is peace, tranquility, loving, having no desire. Even though we still work ..(more)
01282-V0350 Enlightenment Is the Key Answer to Everything
After enlightenment, you feel that your feelings and your emotions and your affection, and your... everything is very sharp. You know, you realize more that you are truly living beings. Many people fear that maybe after ..(more)
01284_V0352 Enlightenment Is the Key For Everything
There is no difference between a sage and ourselves; only one hair apart, very thin. And when we traverse that, we are there in the circle of sainthood. And if we stay behind, just one hair apart, we are ignorant beings, bowing down to all ..(more)
01287-V0354 To Convince People by Using Magical Powers Is to Interfere with Nature
Many people ask me about the magical power, because people are curious about things that they can't explain, and also about things that they scientifically think "it's impossible." So I told them that "Yes!" These things do exist. But ..(more)
01290_V0356 Let God Serve Through Us
Highlights~ There are two levels in our existence. One is so-called ignorance; the other is enlightenment. And when we step through the border, we come into enlightenment. ..(more)
01291-V0357 Perceive the Truth Through Inner Wisdom
When we see with the inner eye, the brilliant light from heaven, and when we hear the heavenly music from also through the inner hearing faculty. But we would think that what kind of body inside that even have an eye and ears? ..(more)
01294-V0359 Rediscover Truth,Virtue And Beauty
Everything that enlightened people do will reflect inner Truth, Virtue and Beauty, because these qualities are in abundance and are the essence ofour being. Therefore, if we look for Truth, Beauty and Virtue in the physical world, it will never be enough and we will ..(more)
01296-V0362 Retrieve The Language Of God
The Master is someone among us who, apart from being a normal human, has discovered the supreme power within Him or Herself, and who uses it to serve the world better, and to travel all the way to the Kingdom of God. Consequently, the Master can take anyone along who ..(more)
01298-V0364 Reconnect with The Almighty Power to Become Whole
Humain being has two sides. If we only take care of the physical aspect, it isn't enough. That is why we always feel that something is missing in our life, even if we do not know what it is. The physical side, food, material comfort, protection... allow the body to ..(more)
01300-V0366 The True Meaning Of Initiation
Many people repeatedly ask me what "initiation" means. What initiation is good for. And why one needs a master. Well then, initiation is the opening of the gates of heaven. The re-establishment of the contact with the ..(more)
01303-V0368 We Should Bring Heaven Into Our Life
We have the choice and the chance now to step into the glorious side of life, which we deserve, instead of staying in the shadow, lamenting about the hard fate of our life. We do not have to run away from life to find Heaven but we should bring Heaven into our life. This ..(more)
01307-V0370 The Spirit that Dwells Within
This world has not become heaven because we have not used heavenly power within each of us. and we have not been so advanced like the life in heaven, it is our fault. Nevertheless we can go to heaven everyday and learn some wisdom. And be trained again in our ability ..(more)
01312-V0373 Above the Intellect
The way of the world is to be done through different languages, and relying on many different technical equipment. Still sometimes we have difficulty to understand each other. Therefore we have war, we have conflicts, we ..(more)