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Video-1126 Great News from Heaven: Galactic Control Totally Smashed
Supreme Master shared good news from Heaven: all the mechanisms that have been controlling our world are smashed. Master explain further that of course the effect won’t be instant. It takes at least two months before you can feel the effect. By then you will have ..(more)
Video-1127 Love at Hsihu—Celebrating Moon Festival with Supreme Master Ching Hai
The Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, is widely celebrated among Asian countries on the 15th day of the eighth month in the lunar calendar. On October 4th 2017, Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously attended this year’s Moon Festival celebration in ..(more)
Video-1128A Inner Beauty is More Important
Our inner beauty is more important. If well cultivated within, even if we don’t look gorgeous outside, people would still like us ad chase after us. They won’t leave even when they’re asked to. If we are not well, cultivated within, but just attained a certain standard ..(more)
Video-1128B World Freedom Day
Two months later you will feel more of this freedom. The energy will be more obvious to you and other people. But of course it’s not complete 100 percent, only completely enlightened persons or at least the Fifth Level ones will feel the difference, bigger, stronger. ..(more)
Video-1128C The True Spiritual Light
The inner light is the true light, and the outer area’s light it the normal worldly light, on this side. The inner light protects that path, that tunnel. If not for that protection, the tunnel will be destroyed, then this world can’t connect to the higher world. The ..(more)
Video-1128D Supreme Arts in Spiritual Realms
Our association members shared their spiritual experiences about Master’s arts. One saw that the Longevity Lamps designed by Master are actually came from the sacred Dragon Flower Assembly. Another found out that each Celestial Jewelry is a key to different Heaven ..(more)
Video-1129 Joyfully Celebrating the Supreme Master Ching Hai Day in Divine Love
Video-1129 聖愛佳節 歡慶清海日 二○一七年十月二十二日 Joyfully Celebrating the Supreme Master Ching Hai Day in Divine Love Oct. 22, 2017 Mừng Ngày Thanh Hải Vô Thượng Sư Trong Tình Thương Thiêng Liêng Ngày 22 tháng 10 năm ..(more)
Video-1130 The Best Tool to Protect Souls
You should only pray for your spiritual progress. And for your ancestors to be elevated, to be born in the high realms. We should practice spiritually, to make up for our mistakes and to earn more merits. To save our soul. It doesn’t matter if we die because we will ..(more)
Video-1133 Be God’s Perfect Tool to Bless The World
I said they should print out copy of all the things that I instructed, or corrected, so that they can learn how I’m doing things. Everybody should know that. Because it seemed logical before, why should I even bother to correct? It’s a similar fashion but different ..(more)
Video-1134 A Positive Spiritual Channel That Spreads Blessings and Happiness
There is a lot of magic in this time. The magic can help a lot of people simultaneously. For example, the computer and Supreme Master TV. We are broadcasting it from just a few places. Everyone is happy, except that the staff and I are so busy. But we are willing to do ..(more)
Video-1135 Greeting A New Vegan Era Full of Hope
You see many good news nowadays. Even the big, great, grand China has ordered, laboratory meat. I mean no-meat meat instead. You know how many people in China. The Chinese government, the most powerful one! They can tell their people what to do. And their people will ..(more)
Video-1136 A True Thanksgiving Day
We thank God inside our heart for every good thing that we have and every so-called not good thing that we have, because everything is good for us. We thank you, God Almighty, Cosmic Benevolent Beings and all the Godses from Ihos Ku and beyond, for protecting us, ..(more)
Video-1137A All Beings Are Connected, Learn to Have Respect
The water knows everything. The air knows everything. So be careful about what you think, what you say, ok? Or what you write to people because everything knows everything. We are not just covered in this flesh body; we are transparent soul. Your mind is connected with ..(more)
Video-1148 Formosa Is a Blessed Land with Many Heaven Gates
Thirty-Three Heaven Gates concentrates on one little island. None of the countries have that much. No. Big ones don't have that much. You guys are very lucky, to be Taiwanese and to be sitting here. Here is a big number as well. Big number concentrated on this one. ..(more)
Video-1153 Keep the Mind Pure and Clean When Serving the Public
Just want to remind you that you keep yourselves clean. I mean not outside only, but inside. Outside we can clean with water, but inside you must always remember you purpose, noble purpose, because nothing else is better. Everything here is transient anyway. Even ..(more)