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01133 Brahman’s Request for Dharma
The king assailed himself. Someone like him has a heart as big as the ocean, as vast as space. He can break the ignorant preconceptions of people. “Now the sentient beings are rolling in the mud and struggling. How can ..(more)
01134  The Gold Monk and the Great Bright King
In this MP3, Supreme Master Ching Hai told a story about the Gold Monk and the Great Bright King. For what reason does the Gold Monk have ..(more)
01137 Sacrifice to Feed the Tiger
Countless millions of eons ago, a king named Maha Ratha had three golden crown princes around him. One day, the king travelled to the deep forest with his family. The three princes saw a mother ..(more)
01138  Eight Precepts
What is the Eight Fasts? Tow good friends practiced the Eight Fasts together. How come one became a dignified king, while the other fell and ..(more)
01143 Merits of Becoming a Monk
Highlight:~ During the 3-day retreat, Master tells stories about Shakyamuni Buddha, and happens to find this story named “Merits of Becoming a Monk”. It’s about a one-hundred-year-old man who wanted to follow Shakyamuni Buddha and become a monk for the ..(more)
01144 The Truth about God + The Sacrifice of Hee-toh
We all think God is the most loving and very sweet and takes good care of us. This is true, but God has many facets. Of course when you reach the fourth or fifth level, you will always encounter the ..(more)
01158 The Crazy Japanese Monk
The noble qualities such as compassion, benevolence and obedience are just a part of the world. For example, there are troubles, scary things, and scary feelings in this world. There are also other qualities that belong to ..(more)
01159 The Man Who Had No Eyes, Ears, Nose Or Tongue
Supreme Master Qing Hai tells a story about a man living in Buddha’s time who had no eyes, ears, nose or tongue. What merits did he earn to be born into a wealthy and noble family? And what bad karma had ..(more)
01160 The Trap of Giving and Old Woman Who Sells Her Poverty
A poor woman sincerely offered to the living Buddha the only piece of cloth she and her husband shared to cover themselves and. After ..(more)
01162 Monk Jin Tian & Happiness Seeker & Farmer and Snake & Treasure from Heaven
During the time of Sakyamuni Buddha, there was a couple named Jin Tian and Jin Guangming who had followed the Buddha to become monk and nun and attained arahantship. They went ..(more)
01165 A Story of Monk Chong Tsin——the Merits of No-killing.A Pious Farmer
Contents~ Monk Chong Tsin was born in a rich family. Soon after he was born, he fell into a river and was swallowed by a fish. It looked like he had a tough life, but later he received a lot of wealth and became even richer. Sometimes we ..(more)
01167 Master’s Manjushri Wisdom Sword and the Five Hundred Beggars
Summary Do you know where the wisdom sword of Manjushri Bodhisattva has gone to? It was lent to Supreme Master Ching Hai . Supreme Master ..(more)
01168-1 The Compassion Of A Prince (a Buddhist story)
Supreme Master Ching Hai tells the story of the previous lives of Shakyamuni Buddha and Devadatta. The virtuous Prince Shan Yo travelled over mountains and rivers searching for the wish-fulfilling ..(more)
01168-2 The Legend Of Nite -- A Leader Of The Monks
Highlights~ Buddha's disciple Nitti was from the lowest social class in India, working as a humble ..(more)
01173 The Benefits of Living Independently
Highlights: The world is everything but perfect, so we’d better be independent. Actually when we are alone, we do not need too much. But when we are with others, the degree of necessity increases because we ..(more)