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01256-V0332 Being One With God is Doing Without Doing
Q: Thank You for this experience. You spoke of no longer being the doer. Master, please expand upon this. M: It's very difficult to explain to you, but this comes through experiences. It has two levels of understanding; first through meditation experience, ..(more)
01259-V0334 Seek You First The Kingdom Of God
What is initiation? What is the difference between a so-called saint and an ordinary person? What is the greatest obstacle in achieving enlightenment? In a lecture by Supreme Master Ching Hai in Sydney, Australia in 1993, Master imparts her wisdom on the esoteric ..(more)
It is not what we call ourselves or are titled. It is how we feel about it. Humility doesn’t come with a very humble title; it comes from within. When we realize that we are all children of God, and we and the Father are One, that is where true humility begins. ..(more)
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: Most of us use our intelligence at the brain level, the habitual level, the preconceived-ideas style of dealing. We don't use the direct response, the ultimate Wisdom, which controls all things in the universe and ..(more)