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01174 The Best Way to Guide the World
Highlights: It happens to be Teacher’s Day. Master expresses her gratitude to the past, present and future teachers coming from all times and spaces, for their tireless guidance which has made our earth a better place. Master also comments on the story “The King ..(more)
01180 The Cause Of Reincarnation Of A Father & His Son+The Pure Heavens
When you encounter an enlightened master, the master’s spiritual level may vary. If the master makes you reincarnate for four more lifetimes, it will be a great trouble for you because you may not be reborn in four ..(more)
01182-1 Viper and Gold
Master tells two Buddhist stories, “Viper and Gold” and “Seven Pots of Gold”. The story tells about the previous lives of Shariputra who had been a snake for many lives, reincarnating in the same place for ..(more)
01183 The Fish with One Hundred  Heads + The Heart of the Enlightened
What bad karma has the most knowledgeable man named Kapili created that led him to be incarnated as a fish with a hundred heads? Supreme Master Ching Hai told us a Buddhist story to remind us that we ..(more)
01190 Ways to Change Destiny
Supreme Master tells two Jewish Stories. How could a boy destined for spiritual practice instead of being wealthy manage to change his own destiny? Supreme Master reveals the method ..(more)
01213 The Blessed Rewards In This Life
Highlights: How should we give and do good to gain merits in this life? Supreme Master Ching Hai tells a Buddhist story ‘Merits in This Life’: a couple wanted to help the victims during a plague but unfortunately ..(more)
01217 A Purely Tolerant Princess
Highlights: Supreme Master Qing Hai tells a Buddhist story about A Purely Tolerant Princess. What caused the Purely Tolerant Princess to be so utterly ugly? Why did the prince in the nearby country determinedly marry her while all the male descendants of the ..(more)
01220 Love and Hatred
Highlights: Supreme Master Ching Hai tells a story named‘Love and Hatred’ about the past life of Shakyamuni Buddha. Why did King Chang-Shou, who governed the ..(more)
01405 The Fish Selling Story
Shakyamuni Buddha asked, “If you bring a gift to someone, but that person refuses to accept it, then what happens?” The one criticizing the Buddha said, “I will take the gift back!” Shakyamuni Buddha said, “Likewise, I don’t accept the gift you have brought to me from ..(more)
01406 Balancing Life + Kid Story in the Year of Dog
While in Hong Kong, Master cleaned up a cave that used to be a bullpen. Master built a fireplace in the cave with cement and stones, turning it into a warm and comfortable living room with a few straw mats and ..(more)
01407 Sincere Giving
Supreme Master Qing Hai tells a story in which a Number One Scholar voluntarily helped his desperate friend. Both of them were good friends and classmates; one got the highest score in the national exam by studying hard and received a high official rank; the other failed ..(more)
01436 Respect The Right To Live Of All Beings
It’s better to be a horse in the western country, as the horse has horse rights. In some areas, humans don’t have human rights, but the horses have horse rights and dogs have dog rights. The westerners have more ..(more)
01437 Set a good example for the society
By contacting the kind, pure and good people, even the ferocious people will be softened and touched by them. Instead of harming the kind people, the ferocious one will follow them and study with them. That’s why I said ..(more)
01438 The Buddha's Past Lives
Originally, any charity and good deed or action will bring you incredible merit and result, which is unlimited. So we should not ask for anything and the result will come naturally. If you put the unlimited merit into a frame of certain perception or demand, then it’s ..(more)
01441  “The Lion Follows the Path,” about one of the former lives of Shakyamuni Buddha
During this month whenShakyamuni Buddhawas born, Supreme Master Ching Hai took the opportunity to tell us a story called “The Lion Follows the Path,” about one of the former ..(more)