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01501 How to Receive God's Grace
This story tells us to be one-pointed towards God and Buddha, don’t be swayed by the world, or tempted by anything to stray from our goal. This way, we will receive God’s grace. If we only have God in our mind, then there is only God residing in us, right? At that time we are ..(more)
Is enlightenment related to a person's character, virtues or shortcomings? Why were there so many "Zen enigmas" exchanged between masters and disciples in ancient times? What is the hidden meaning behind these stories? What is the difference between "theoretical ..(more)
01588 A Real Wise Man Does Not Show His Greatness
Why are historical records and comments sometimes inconsistent with the facts? How can we learn real lessons from ..(more)
01600 Successful Performance+The Real Longevity
If we can make people happy, it’s a great, meritorious act, because we have performed with great sincerity. This is also a method of spiritual practice and a way to gain merits. All ..(more)
01610 How To Practice In The Complicated Society
How can we stay in the present complex society to benefit people as much as possible, while still preserving our purity of heart? To elaborate on this point, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells a story about a prime minister in ancient China named Guan ..(more)
01616 Three Fundamental Issues in Life
If we want to be wealthy, then we should try to do more charity. Whatever we sow, so shall we reap. If we want to open the door of wisdom, we should register for initiation, keep the precepts and a vegan diet, and meditate daily to search inward for self nature ..(more)
On this cheerful Sunday, Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages us to fulfill our daily duties and try our best to help others with her own experiences and inspiring Buddhist stories. Master says the secret for a successful endeavor is to do things without ego or any ..(more)
01629 Guan Zhong and Bao SuYa
Supreme Master Ching Hai humorously enlightens us with a wisely-told story about two Saints in ancient China: Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya, ..(more)
01634 Stories of Saints – Real Saint
Highlights: Why is saints' wisdom sometimes regarded as a kind of disease? In the old time, a man named Longshu got a strange disease. A famous doctor named Wen Zhi ..(more)
01649 How to Feed Wild Animal
Highlights: Liang Yuan was the wild animal trainer for King Xuan of Zhou Dynasty. He was well-known for keeping and training wild ..(more)
01684 A Little Japanese Monk + A Trillionaire Digging Sweet Potatoes
Highlights: Supreme Master Qing Hai who always loves kids meets with our little fellow initiates and tells them several interesting stories, such as the Little Japanese Monk and A Little Japanese Monk + A Trillionaire Digging Sweet Potatoes. She brings the little ..(more)
In the beautiful Korean summer, Supreme Master Ching Hai received contact persons from around the globe during a retreat at Yong Dong center, and conversed on many topics. Master and the disciples shared stories and insights about the spiritual path and a number of ..(more)
02015 All through the night God is calling us
Highlights In the past many Great Masters have written poetry to share their experiences with the Divine so as to awaken and inspire readers to seek for their own inner wisdom. One of these Masters was Rumi, a great mystic ..(more)
Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages the association members to be a diligent and righteous spiritual practitioner. When doing any work, we should be honest to our own conscience, don't use that kind of cleverness, then we can move higher on our spiritual ..(more)
02016 Live and Let Live
Christmas was approaching and people were preparing to celebrate the birth of most compassionate one, Jesus Christ. By chance a beautiful wooly sheep, a buffalo, a goose, a loving pig, a chicken and a dog happened to overhear their so ..(more)