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02020-V0988 The Palace of God
This body is the Lord’s temple where the jewel of knowledge is revealed. Supreme Master Ching Hai quotes Guru Nanak‘s teaching to remind us, “The way to the palace of Light is through the human body, the mosque of the living God…” We need the ..(more)
02061-V0794 High Noble-Quality Countries
During this gathering, Master reveals five leading countries with the highest Noble Quality (NQ), explaining that NQ is a kind of inherent, natural expression. People who are noble by nature have a firm belief in God, and they remind each other of Godliness. Master ..(more)
02064 God's Will is Done Through the Master
Experience this wonderful time of learning and laughter with Supreme Master Ching Hai in this entitled," God's Will is Done Through the Master." Once again, Her loving and wise voice fills our ears with Heavenly teachings while at the same time ..(more)
02081 The Infinite Blessings of Meditation
Highlights In this loving lecture given on Ching Hai’s Day, the Supreme Master Ching Hai expounded the benefits of meditation in daily life. Meditation not only helps you, but also everyone around you – in your area, village, ..(more)
02084-1 Food For The Soul
Many centuries ago, a great and saintly Quan Yin practitioner from Persia known as Rumi helped to enlighten people throughout the ages with his devotional poetry. He speaks of a love beyond this physical existence; it awaits us, whenever we ..(more)
02084-2 The Heart Of Renunciation
Master lovingly narrated some stories from the Far East, illustrating that the true renunciation is within the heart. In one of the stories, Sukhdev was born as a sage and practiced asceticism, yet he still had to request initiation from a ..(more)
02085 Heaven's Loving Support
In order to teach humankind a nobler way of life, a Great Master's life sometimes mirrors worldly living. However, appearing like the ordinary and living alongside the people have a different purpose: To teach the masses through a shining ..(more)
02094-2e Restoring the Planet Through Constructive Work
The past and the present are more closely related than most people realize. Supreme Master Ching Hai, in this loving exchange with disciples, explains the many similarities between the Essenes – the ancient White Brotherhood community which ..(more)
02094-3e Holiday to Glorify All the Saints
As the begins, our happy Santa Supreme Master Ching Hai is singing songs and handing out presents to Her hard working elves! Initiates from all over the world then sing festive songs to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who Master said, ..(more)
02095-2 The True Possession of Spiritual Practitioners
Highlights In this joyful meeting, Supreme Master Ching Hai greets disciples with spiritual wisdom and practical guidance just like a big sister with her close friends. She talks about the tricks and persuasions of the mind, the ..(more)
02098-1 Rise above death
Highlights Supreme Master Ching Hai walks us through the understanding of the deep poetic truths that are locked in the scriptures of the ancient gurus – in this case the Indian poet Kabir. It is within these teachings that we can ..(more)
Highlights~ Supreme Master Ching Hai tells a story about a wealthy prince who renounced the world and explains that attaining enlightenment is not determined by one’s wealth, position or background. Whoever sincerely seeks the ..(more)
02125 The Ego is the Greatest Enemy
You will be inspired by these moving, intimate encounters between Supreme Master Ching Hai and Association members, whereby she speaks frankly about karma, the ego and the current state of our planet, offering inspirational anecdotes and wise words. The Supreme ..(more)
02126 The Wise Saints-Nasrudin and Rumi's Poems
Highlights~ At a gathering between Supreme Master Ching Hail and Association members in France 2008, Master told stories of the Wise Mullah Nasrudin and profound stories from the poems of Rumi. Why did Mullah Nasrudin choose ..(more)
During an international gathering with Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai shares the poem, “As the Orchard Is with the Rain,” by Sufi Master Rumi. In this poem, Noah compares his longing for God to the need of the orchard for rain. The Supreme Master ..(more)