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02137 The Story of Chang Tao-Ling Taoist Immortal+The Legend of Lao Tzu
Highlights What does immortality mean? How did Taoist Master Zhang Daoling and the King of Huainan, Liu An, make an elixir and achieve immortality? How did Lao Tzu recover his youth? The Taoist legendary practices included ..(more)
02140 A Story about the First Disciple of Taoism
Highlights This presents stories about the first great Taoist disciples Wenshi , as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai. The story of Wenshi explains that the keys to reaching the Truth are a longing heart and inner communication. ..(more)
02141 The Tailor and the Two Zen Masters
The story, “The Tailor and the Two Zen Masters,” reveals that the main purpose of a koan is concentration, because only concentration can lead to enlightenment. When we put down everything, with no preconceptions about anything, then we are really free ..(more)
If everyone becomes vegan, what will the world be like? Supreme Master Ching Hai shared her valuable insights, saying, “It will be Heaven. The atmosphere of the world will change - the energy will be positive and benign. Everybody will feel different. The leaders ..(more)
02144-1a  Zen Master Te Shan
The story of Master Te Shan reveals how an enlightened person is able to communicate with the higher power to achieve peace within. Supreme Master also reminds fellow initiates to practice diligently and keep their actions, speech and thinking ..(more)
02144-2c The Story of Taoist Sima Cheng Zhen
This presents stories about the TaoistSima Chengzhen, as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai. Even the body isn’t there, we can still go on living; we can create one and go down for a few days in a transformation body. ..(more)
02144-3c The Yellow Emperor
When Master read about the Yellow Emperor who brought peace, warmth, food, contentment and happiness to his people, Master was moved, praising the Yellow Emperor as a benevolent ruler. The Yellow Emperor didn’t become proud for making his people happy, he humbly ..(more)
In this audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells stories of the Chinese saint and sage, Meng Tzu. The King of Qi modestly asked advice from Meng Tzu about virtue, diplomacy, how to win people’s hearts, and courage. Meng Tzu pointed out that compassion and wisdom are ..(more)
02145 The Wisdom of Zen Master Zhaozhou
Supreme Master Ching Hai tells six stories about Zen Master Zhaozhou, each of which has profound meaning and inspires deep reflection. With extraordinary wisdom, Zen Master Zhaozhou addressed Truth seekers of his time, saying that we ..(more)
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasizes the importance of “being strict and correct in moral standards”. She said, “We should not take, we should just give. You have to remember the five precepts.” The motive of our action has to always be very pure ..(more)
02156-2 The Man Who Married a Toad+The Ninth Fairy Princess
Highlights Why would a man marry a toad? What is the significance of a romantic relationship between a man and the Ninth Fairy Princess? During international gatherings, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared two wonderful ..(more)
02159 A Taoist Tale of Longevity
Highlights~ True longevity does not mean everlasting state of the physical body. It means to overcome the law of physics in this world and transcend material things, overcome the ego, free one’s self nature and elevate spirituality to ..(more)
Sharing a reading of the last letter from past Sufi Master Mirza Abdul-Hadi Khan of Bukhara wrote to his disciples, Supreme Master Ching Hai illuminates the truth of the higher duty that enlightened Masters fulfil in their lives. An enlightened Master does whatever she ..(more)
02168 The old Woman and the Jumping Beans+The Merit of Saving Lives
Master humorously tells three interesting stories 1. An old woman lived a frugal life all alone. She recited mantras everyday with the company of happy beans for 30 years. This story tells us that when ..(more)
02173 The Way of the Sufis
Highlights In this DVD, Supreme Master Ching Hai told two Islamic stories. “The Gnat and the Elephant” is a simple, interesting, funny story with a profound spiritual theme. As explained by the Supreme Master, the ego makes ..(more)