00429 Story of Blessing Power
00429  Story of Blessing Power
No. 00429
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Retreat
Event date / 19880924
Place / Hsihu,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 53
Publication No. / CD-mp3-CR03
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Although we have worldly problems and troubles, we should not sacrifice our blessing for it, nor should we exchange our spiritual merits for comfortable life in the world, because spiritual merits are too precious. If we have difficulties or trouble in our spiritual practice, we should endure and treat them like tests to see how much faith and courage we have. We should not lose our sincerity because of minor disturbances nor should we sway, cry or complain. Otherwise, what kind of human are we? If we do not have even a little courage , are we not similar with animals or little kids? So we spiritual practitioners should know ourselves. There’s no need to look at others. We should see how much courage we have and if our faith has grown. There no need to concern about other’s practice , whether it’s good or bad. It’s enough to know ourselves.

If we want to become Buddha or Bodhisattva, we should clearly know that every situation is a test for us. We should live on with courage. Even if we feel very painful, it will be over in a couple of days. Any darkest night will stay no longer than the next morning. No night can remain night forever without becoming the next morning tomorrow .

This seven-day retreat was hit by typhoon, so there was water leaking everywhere in fellow initiates’ tents and meditation sites. Master worried that they could not take care of themselves, so she turned a garbage bag into raincoat and walked around in the rain and wind to see fellow initiates and took care of their leaking water problem and tent maintenance. She found that they were just frightened and shaky inside due to the new situation. There was nothing to be afraid of. Without the panic, our mind could be much clearer to find solutions and fix the problem. The simple and light garbage bags are very useful and became the best equipment in this emergency situation . Please listen to master’s wise and interesting descriptions.