00404-1 What Is “Dying with Karma”?
00404-1 What Is “Dying with Karma”?
No. 00404-1
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Retreat
Event date / 19880814
Place / Yilan,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 71
Publication No. / CD-mp3-CR01
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  • Summary

Once a Zen master said: we will become Buddha if we are pure at heart and not attached to anything; that’s the meaning of “enlightenment comes from non-attachment”. If we are attached, for example, to a doctor’s skill, musical capability or any ability, we would concentrate our omnipotent power on that single point only and be bound there, so we can only do that, because our attention is the key to open the reservoir of our omnipotent power, or just open a small part of it to use.

Don’t complain that you have no experience. We all have experiences. Master takes care of you every night no matter how well you practice. That's why your brain can record a little of those experiences when you practice diligently. In this way, you will understand more things, without knowing where you get that much of wisdom to do things more clearly and to grasp the meaning of scriptures more easily. You will be reluctant to talk about others’ mundane business or argue with others. You will feel bored even when you listen to others’ lectures. That shows that your wisdom becomes higher are higher. Understand? It is not that having many visionsis good. Not necessarily so. Sometimes we forget what we have seen or we go too high and our brain can not record it. When we have more and more wisdom,, when we become more and more compassionate and patient,. when we feel more and more bored with the world, it means we are making progresses and it's a positive proof for our spiritual practice. Seeing something is not the only proof. We will know that we are making progresswhen we have more and more inner peace and different perceptions of the world.