00285 What Is Maya's Hindrance
00285 What Is Maya's Hindrance
No. 00285
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 1987.09.29
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Matou, Tainan
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 55m43s
Publication No. / CE13
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  • Summary

It's dangerous to meditate on your own without a great enlightened Master, because there will be Maya's hindrance. Our souls are likely to get out during our meditation. Without the protection from the power of a great enlightened Master, the power of Maya, or lonely ghosts, Astral beings or devils of higher levels, will come and borrow our body. Our house will be occupied when we come back. If two or three persons are forced to live together, they may fight. That's why that kind of people will suffer a lot. We say he is "possessed". Being possessed is due to the uncleanness of our body, speech and mind. If we are virtuous, and meditate alone quietly, such terrible things will not happen to us. Therefore, a true Master will teach us the moral aspect first, at least teach us to keep the five precepts.

Many people got possessed because they don't recognize their own power of concentration or their teacher's power of concentration. If the teacher doesn't have that power, the student likewise won't have it, either. An enlightened master is different from normal teachers. He has already attained the Tao, received the Dharma and realized the power of concentration and Samadhi, so what he gives us is heart-to-heart transmission , and his heart has become great; he has become one with everything in the universe; he is omnipresent. He will come when you are meditating or dreaming. He will come and tell you something, teaching you or taking you to a higher level.

  1. What is Maya's hindrance? Where does it come from?
  2. Do Masters have to have a physical body to give initiation?
  3. Many people teach meditation. Why do most of them teach to meditate for only 20 minutes at most? What danger will we have if we meditate for more than 20 minutes?
  4. Why do we say humans are the most noble? What special feature do human beings have?
  5. What is karma? Why did Master say Maya is just our own karma?
  6. What is the real reason of loving at the first sight? Master tells the love story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai from the scientific perspective.
  7. Why are the families of Hinduism very peaceful? What is the difference between choosing a partner with mind and choosing with heart? What are Master's suggestions for the way of getting along between husband and wife?
  8. What affinity do initiates have with Master in previous lives? What is the meaning of initiation waiting list?
  9. How do Ancient Buddha or all Bodhisattvas from the Pure Great Sea Congregation incarnate and benefit sentient beings quietly?
  10. Is there any difference between the feelings of our inner souls and the knowledge of our mind? What are soul and spirit?
  11. Why can't the secret mantras taught by a living Buddha be written out?
  12. What kind of view of wealth should the spiritual practitioners have? What is the difference of our view of the world after we practice spiritually?