00291 Only Balance of Yin and Yang Can Leads to Buddhahood
00291 Only Balance of Yin and Yang Can Leads to Buddhahood
No. 00291
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 1987.10.10
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Hsintien
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 1h47m57s
Publication No. / CE03
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  • Summary

There should be neither Yin nor Yang in the highest level, but most of the time we are either too Yin or too Yang. In Taoism, there is a Tai Chi Circle, half of it is black with a white spot in the center; the other half is white with a black spot in the center. That shows the situation of Yin and Yang. Most of us have too much Yin and very little Yang, and sometimes we are completely Yin without any Yang, but some people have too much Yang and hardly any Yin.

We shouldn't like either Yin or Yang too much, but now we are still unable to do it. After practicing Quan Yin Method, we are able y to control Yin and Yang, and then we can use it instead of being used by it. Now we are all used by Yin and Yang. When Yin comes, we are fierce and angry s and couldn't bear anymore; when Yang comes, we are so happy and joyous. It comes all by itself, not on our wish; we cannot put Yin and Yang in a bag, and take out Yin or Yang whenever we need them and as much as we need just like we do with money.

Our mind is very powerful; whatever we wish for will come true. So we say, "Everything is created by the mind." After we practice spiritually, our mind power becomes even greater, because we are using the power of our own. Enlightenment means opening this power so that we can use it every day after that. At that time, our body, speech and mind should all be clean, otherwise if we use such a great power to think about bad things, won't that be worse?

Therefore, clean body, speech and mind are the most important for spiritual practitioners. Master told you to be vegetarian, in order to nurture your compassion, so that you can use it in good aspects when you are grown up.

Shakyamuni Buddha said, "If those who practice spiritually and meditate don't eat vegetarian, they can't become Buddha; they will become the King of Maya at the most." It's already not bad to become the King of Maya, because the King of Maya is a very high position within the three worlds. He controls what happens in the three worlds, and is the king within the three worlds. Brahma is the highest position for the King of Maya, with a great power and incredible magic power, but he can't go beyond the three worlds, because he is lacking in compassion and haven't mastered the balance of Yin and Yang, with a lot of Yin and very little Yang. That's the difference, so don't ask Master why we should eat vegetarian. You must eat vegetarian if you want to go beyond the three worlds, because compassion is very important. If we have the power but no compassion, we may misuse that power.

  1. Why, after practicing Quan Yin Method, do we lose all the desire for fame and fortune, for the world and the greed, hatred and ignorance, and we even lose the Buddha too? In this way, what is the benefit of spiritual practice?
  2. The more we practice Quan Yin Method, the more we lose our past habits. After we practice more, why is there nothing left, even the "nothingness"is gone?
  3. Why shouldn't we take it when we see Bodhisattva or someone appears to bestow us something? And why should we not accept in case he's going to give us assurance of future enlightenment?
  4. What is Yin and what is Yang? Why should we have both Yin and Yang?
  5. Why, after practicing Quan Yin Method, do we become open and free and carefree, thinking everything is OK and seeing everything is good and perfect?
  6. Why will Yin and Yang use us if we do not use them?
  7. Bodhisattvas cannot leave the sentient beings, because Buddha's heart is the heart of sentient beings, and trouble is Bodhi. Why can Bodhisattva turn troubles into Bodhi?
  8. Master says, there's nothing good in practicing Quan Yin Method. No merit, no magic power; you cannot use it even if you have the power. We can't use the magic power if we want to progress. Why can't we use magic power even to save other's illness?
  9. What does it mean by "offering fearlessness"?
  10. What can we do if we can't meditate for two and a half hour every day after initiation?
  11. One person used to love meat so much that he would be upset if he couldn't have them, but why, after reading Master's books, does he want to vomit at the sight of meat?
  12. What does it mean by "Buddha's light constantly illuminate" and "a sound that surpasses every other worldly sound"?
  13. Why can a great spiritual practitioner turn a vicious beast into a very gentle one?
  14. There's a special character when you attain the Arhat. What is that?
  15. In Zen scriptures, the author said "enlightenment is a very difficult thing, and many masters took a whole life time to get enlightened". So do we all become "empty" after enlightenment?
  16. There are two or three kinds of Quan Yin Methods which look "almost the same" in India. Is the content really the same with the fact?