00137 Spiritual Practice Is Not Done Through Outer Means
00137 Spiritual Practice Is Not Done Through Outer Means
No. 00137
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1986.11.05
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 55m40s
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  • Summary

We recite the sutras in order to understand the Truth; we also come to lectures for the purpose of understanding the Truth. We want to understand why we need to do spiritual practice, why we need to be liberated from life and death, and why this world is full of suffering. We want to find a place with eternal happiness, so we come to listen to the teachings.

Originally, spiritual practice is nothing mysterious, but since we can't see or grab the universal power, we think it's very mysterious. In fact, there's no mystery to it. This power is just like electricity that is untouchable and incomprehensible, but we can use it if we know how.

We really have spiritual power; it’s not that we don't have it. It's the same with magical power. A person can use his mind power, which dwells within and belongs to him. Therefore, he can have magical power. He can practice and recognize the divine power within himself. The higher the level he reaches spiritually, the more he will show this kind of power and be able to use it to affect others. When we attain great power through spiritual practice, we can transmit the Dharma to others, so you should understand that there is actually nothing mysterious about transmitting the Dharma.

While Shakyamuni Buddha was practicing spiritually, he didn't rely on anything and sat alone under the bodhi tree meditating all by himself. There was no temple, no sutra-reciting, no tapping or ringing, no Buddha's statue, no ashram, no incense, nothing, but he could still practice! We should always use the "Precepts" to cleanse our bodies. The Precepts are our incense, "wisdom" is our sutra, and this "body" is our temple, our Buddha Nature and our Buddha statue. So we’re equipped with everything; it's already abundantly available. What else from the outside do we need?

  1. Is it possible to practice spiritually when we have a comfortable home life, or do we need to go through a lot of hardships in order to practice?
  2. There's an easy way and a difficult way to perform spiritual practice; both can lead to Buddhahood. What determines whether it's easy or difficult?
  3. Is it good to become a monk? Is becoming a monk associated with merits? What is the best place to go to if we want to become a monk?
  4. What is spiritual practice? Is it just meditation, or do we need to learn anything else?
  5. What's the origin of sutra chanting? More than half of those who recite the sutras don't understand their meaning, so why do they still have to chant and recite the sutras?
  6. How should we read and chant the sutras so that we gain merits?
  7. Why do the so-called spiritual practitioners of the old times seem a little bit mysterious?
  8. Why do people who worship the sutras, practice breathing methods, and count their breaths from one to ten also get responses and have experiences?
  9. The religion of Hinduism in India has been handed down for four or five thousand years. Why has it not been influenced by foreign countries up until now?
  10. What is the nature of the Indian ritual of showering deities' statues?
  11. Why is there no need to worship Buddha's statues as part of our spiritual practice?