00172 All Spiritual Practice Methods Are The Quan Yin Methods
00172 All Spiritual Practice Methods Are The Quan Yin Methods
No. 00172
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 1987.02.12
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan)Penghu
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 1h23m43s(Translation) 55m46s(No Translation)
Publication No. / "The Immediate Key of Enlightenment", Chinese version(vol.1)
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Part 2
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  • Summary

Enlightened Masters teach only the same thing - to save and liberate beings; they transmit the same method, the one and only method for liberation, that is the Quan Yin Method. Whatever it is called, be it Pure Land Method, Universal Gate Method, Prajnaparamita Method, or the Diamond Method, the name does not matter, it is all the same. As long as it leads to liberation, it is the Quan Yin Method.

All methods are the same as long as there is an enlightened Master and the power of transmitting the Dharma. As no one talks during dharma transmission, there's no dharma to be talked about or passed on. But without transmission, there is no dharma. The Sixth Zen Patriarch Hui Neng called it an "animitta" (formless) method.


  1. Do you know what one looks like when he is possessed by the evil?
  2. In the Diamond Sutra, Buddha told Subhuti that one must practice the Diamond Method, but why did Buddha tell others to practice the Quan Yin Method?
  3. What is the difference between Diamond Sutra and Diamond Dharma?
  4. Why did Master say, "Whatever can be spoken is not real sutra, whatever can be heard with ears is not real sutra, and whatever can be seen with eyes is not real sutra"?
  5. What are the true Diamond Sutra, true Universal Gate Sutra, and true Amitabha Sutra?
  6. If the sound of ocean tides means the sound of tides of the outside world, then what is the Brahmā sound? How can the Brahmā? sound be heard? What is the sound that transcends all other worldly sounds?
  7. What does the Sanskrit name Maha Prajna Paramita mean?
  8. Can we find spiritual practice methods in scriptures?
  9. The Quan Yin Method is not practiced with the sense of ear, eye or mind. What is used to practice it then?
  10. What is Avalokiteśvara? What method did Quan Yin Bodhisattva practice?
  11. All religions and sects are originally the same. Why do different religions, big and small, argue and fight with each other?
  12. According to the Diamond Sutra, the Diamond Sutra should be kept instead of being "recited". What is the difference between keeping and reciting sutra?
  13. Some people still eat meat after initiation. Eating meat is indirect killing, seeing killing with joy. Then do meat eaters and killers commit the same crime of killing?

*This inspiring discourse was recorded during the early years when Supreme Master Ching Hai give public lectures. Although the quality of recording was less than perfection due to limited preparation and lack of advanced equipment at that time. Please pardon us for imperfect audio quality at times.